Abaco: Palma’s most beautiful bar

When I was viviting Palma de Mallorca for the first time a couple of years ago, a friend of mine recommended me Abaco (Carre Sant Joan 1, Old City) as a perfect hangover bar. It would feel like paradise and cure every single problem I had after drinking too much, he said. It sounded a way too good to be true, but when I opened the heavy wooden door of Abaco at 3 a.m. I was just thinking: “Is this place real?” So last year I came back – super sober and with a photo permission (you are not allowed to take pictures) to find out the place was still there and actually real. And it’s not just a good spot to cure a hangover, it also got voted as the most beautiful bar in Europe for a couple of times. Located in a former palace of the 17th century it opened it’s doors as a bar in 1981. Since then they get a huge flower and fruit delivery every day and use it for an amazing decoration all over the place – and later on for the cocktails of course. The drinks are expensive (about 15 euros), but I guess that’s how they try to  cover the costs. There is also a beautiful garden with a fountain and parrots outside and every friday at 12 p.m. red rose leafes come down from the ceiling. So go and get yourself and your girlfriend to this place – even though none of you is hung over. Yet. P1720829P1720837P1720858P1720986P1720838 P1720884 P1720897 P1720912P1720915 P1720928

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