Bar Tausend: All Eyes on Us!

I don´t mind being observed at this place. In Tausend, my favorite bar in Berlin, there is a huge eye on the wall which illumitates the whole place by reflecting everywhere – in the ceiling, in the floor, in the drinks and even in your eyes. No matter where you are looking you will always have this “All Eyes On Us”-Feeling. The entrance of Tausend is hidden under a train bridge (S Friedrichstraße). You have to ring a bell to get inside. Sometimes they open, sometimes they don´t. Anyway you don´t have to stay thirsty: get the recipes of their best drinks below.P1410074P1400983P1410015Miss Fitzherbert
Put 4cl gin, 4cl elderflower syrup and 1cl freshly squeezed lemon juice into a silver bowl with ice cubes. Stir it. Add champagne and serve the cocktail with some mint leafs, pared lemon zest and a cherry.P1410030P140099212 Years Later
Stir 6cl rum (Abuelo 12 years), 3cl freshly squeezed lime juice, 2cl sugar syrup and a bit of blended Scotch whisky (Black Bull 12 years) in a glas full with ice cubes. Serve the drink with some shortbread.P1400903P1410060Old Flame (ohne Alkohol)
Squeeze a lime and a tablespoon of sugar in a mixer. Add passion fruit pulp, 4cl apple juice and ice cubes and shake it. Put everything in a glas with new ice cubes and add Elderflower Tonic. Decorate the drink with a half passion fruit.P1410119Direction: Schiffbauerdamm 11, 10117 Berlin

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  1. Ben says:

    Da hab’ ich doch endlich mal eine Inspiration bekommen und vielleicht bestell ich ja nächstes Mal keinen Cuba Libre.
    Der Silberbecher gefällt zumindest.
    Inna, wir müssen in die Tausend Bar!

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