Back to the Forest

You know you are getting old when you apparently start liking all the things your parents did with you as a kid – such as berry and mushroom picking. I´v been through some kind of a weird evolution in the past couple of years: forest/night club/forest. I´m sure I gonna make it to a night club again, no need to panic, but look at THIS! I almost forgot how beautiful trees can get during fall and how much fun it is to switch off your phone (I´m lying: there was no cell reception) and listen to the sticks break under your feet. And let´s be honest: there is no more magical place to wander the forest than Lapland, Finland. You can even book this walk as an activity at Lapland Safaris, with a good looking finnish guy who is taking the roll of your parents (not the worst exchange): he explains you what to pick and shows you the way. Untill you arrive at some kind of a forest tipi, where you prepare a lunch out of your harvest. We had fried mushrooms with white fish, caviar and pancakes and blueberry creme brulee as a dessert. I´m glad they have brought some own food though – can´t remember picking the caviar…P1110262P1110271P1110286P1110296P1110292P1110309P1110458P1110349P1110332P1110397P1110330P1110358This mushroom has also been to a night club for a couple of years before it found it´s way back to the forest…P1110356P1110387P1110479

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