Berlins Favorite: MANI

When it comes to food, I am a very reliable person. So let me recommend you MANI, in my opinion one of the best places in Berlin to have dinner. I love it for two reasons. First: it´s located very close to where I live (Torstraße 136 – the restaurant, not my home) and you can´t waste any time when you are hungry. Second: the israeli x french cuisine is exactly the kind of food my aunt always makes when I come to visit . I love the idea of having tons of starters and skipping the main course. And ordering more wine instead! So this week I went there for dinner to find out they currently have some delicious autumn specials, such as huge mussels with garlic and green pesto, baked pumpkin with pomegranate syrup, fried sage leaves and black sesame or beetroot with creamy feta cheese, thyme and pine nuts (find more food examples and the prices on the menu pictures below). And it all tasted very unusual compared to the regular pumpkin-carrot-ginger-mix the most restaurants offer at this time of the year. Ah, and look how sexy this place is besides!P1110514P1110596P1110523P1110528P1110552P1110536Where to seat? It´s simple. If you are there for business: inside. It´s all glossy and with a lot of little details like plastic crocodile and pictures with lightly dressed people – so you have what to talk about. If you are there for a date: outside in the patio (must be a new fancy word). You feel like in the middle of a jungle, have to stick together and it´s getting pretty cold later in the night (take you chance guys!).P1110542P1110544P1110545P1110555P1110548P1110571P1110580P1110589P1110585P1110634P1110628P1110546P1110645P1110653P1110622P1110593P1110614P1110613P1110610MANI is actually a hotel with a regular reception and a little bar in front of the open kitchen. You have to go all through to get to the restaurant. Don´t get confused by that and please try my favorite dish: lamb patties with tomato-cinnamon sauce! I hope they will always keep them on the menu and I will always keep my home so close to them.

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