Burning Iceland

They have only three hours of daylight in Iceland during the wintertime. What looks like an early morning on the pictures is nearly noon. The sun starts to rise at 11.30 a.m. what doesn´t actually mean that you can see it. It stays at the horizon hidden behind clouds most of the time. So can you imagine how lucky we were to have a sunny day on our trip to the Golden Circle, the most visited touristic area in Iceland! Even the Icelanders were happy to see some rays of sunlight after a long period of darkness. Normally they have to drink fish liver oil everyday for breakfast because of the lack of vitamin D. So these guys really enjoyed skipping to beer that day.P1880387P1880398The gulf stream makes icelandic winters pretty warm (-/+2 degrees), so the -20 degrees we had were really unusual. Even the winter rafting rivers were frozen. P1880419P1880442P1880420P1880479P1880463The Gullfoss is the most famous and for many people the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. The only problem: you couldn´t walk behind it and look for gold. P1880489P1880422With Anni from Arctic Adventures (you can book this trip or a whole tour with them) who never felt cold. I would have died without wearing my ski mask. P1880541P1880550P1880557After a short time we arrived en Haukadalur valley with it´s biggest geysers Strokkur and Geysir itself, which gave others their name. Strokkur erupts every 5 minutes 35 meters high, the bigger Geysir only erupts 5 times a day. There are more than 40 other little hot springs but you are not allowed to touch them because the water can get up to 90 degrees hot. When we were standing in front of Stokkur the sun started to rise and it has been a magical moment when all the dust was colloured in yellow and red. It looked like the ice was burning! P1880613P1880644P1880681P1880762P1880642P1880687P1880747P1880730P1880806P1880815P1880799P1880816P1880819P1880824P1880835P1880851P1880857P1880847Flights to Reykjavik: with Iceland´s only low cost Airline Wow Air.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hallo Inna,

    scheint ne einmalige Reise gewesen zu ein. Du hast da ganz tolle Fotos gemacht!
    Die Lichtstimmungen sind echt einmalig.

    Lg, Meli

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