Berlins Favorite: MANI

When it comes to food, I am a very reliable person. So let me recommend you MANI, in my opinion one of the best places… >> MORE

Recipe: Asparagus for Men

How would a perfect asparagus dish for men look like? Right, it´s fried. With beer.Thank you Rotisserie Weingrün (Gertraudenstraße 10-12, Berlin Mitte) for showing me… >> MORE

Do they have asparagus in Japan?

No idea. But I can tell you how to make a really yummy japanese-italian asparagus salad (thank you Restaurant Balthazar for this recipe). And it… >> MORE

New in Berlin: Soya Cosplay

A Peking Duck is normally nothing I would order in a restaurant, but I guess in this one the cook really understands his job. This… >> MORE
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