Club Med Val Thorens Opening

Earlier this month I joined the opening weekend of Club Med Val Thorens Sensations, a new all inclusive design resort in the French Alps. The special thing about it: Not only the food and drinks are included in the price, but also ski passes, equipment and teachers (but only during the day, so don´t get too excited, ladies haha). Val Thorens just got voted as the best skiing area in the world by the World Travel Award and it’s also the highest in Europe (you can go up to 3200 meters, 99 percent of the slopes are over 2000 meters of high). I didn´t care too much about the award though, for me it has been the best skiing weekend ever because I spent it with Alex, one of my best friends I met last year in Tobago. People call us Doubletrouble, don’t ask me why… Maybe it’s because of very similar (more or less stupid) ideas, which usually come to our minds at the same time. So when we woke up on the first day, we decided not to go skiing. But to take a cable car up to the very top and show off a little bit. Officially we were exploring the mountains.P1230990P1230805P1230887You can ski down to the lifts directly from the resort (right building), no need to walk.P1230196The entire skiing area Les 3 Vallées (Val Thorens, Méribel and Courchevel) has over 600 km of slopes and 200 km of deep snow downhills. From the very top you realize how huge it is.P1230967P1230157P1230232And as the ski passes are included, it’s not a big deal to go up just for a drink. The sun was warming us up so much, that we didn’t even need a jacket. Or was it the beer?P1230166P1230208P1230211P1230223P1230242Showing off, part 1: The new pair of Nike shoes I got from my parents for my Birthday. P1230254P1230227Showing off, part 2: Alex and me on the terrace of Les Aiguilles de Peclet pretending we were still in Tobago with some drinks, sunscreen, shades and beach chairs. No need to change the towels, thanks!P1230249P1230565P1230543If you don’t like skiing, you can easily spend the whole week at the resort without even getting bored. They have a huge climbing wall in the lobby (10 meters of high, on the picture above), a gym, a hamam, 4 restaurants (à la carte with a Michelin star menue, a tapas bar, a wine bar and an international one, where you can even find oysters on the buffet). And every night there is a show and a party at the Oxygen Bar – with a jacuzzi on the terrace. You could watch some fireworks from there on the opening weekend.P1230624P1230633P1230528P1230460image5P1230644Did I mention the giant Macarons already?P1230645P1230647P1230576P1230571P1230583P1230076image7P1230839P1230861P1230906On the next morning Alex and I got a  sign from above to stop being so lazy: a round rainbow. P1230115P1230935P1230938So we went down to the beginner’s slopes. There are 3 carpet lifts in Val Thorens. They are really easy to use and you don’t need a ski pass to go up with them. So you can practice as long as you want – with or without a teacher. I am a pro and certainly didn’t need a teacher. No idea why people around constantly asked me if I needed help…P1230957image4image1Back to the resort, we had to get ready for the neon party. But first we stopped by the Champagner Après Ski in front of the sports room. Such a tough luck haha! So if you also have a Doubletrouble-friend (and everybody has one), this could be a perfect place to spend your winter holidays! P1230891P1230679P1230697P1230684P1230732P1230756P1230785The best way to get to Club Med Val Thorens is to fly to Geneva or Lyon and then ask for a resort pick up (around 150 km to drive). The prices for one week start from 1171 Euro per Person. Everything is included.

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