Five Things to Do in Lapland

When in Lapland, Finland, make sure to experience these five things:

1. GO RAFTING WITH THE FISHESP1090741IMG_4382If you are not a morning person you will definitely be awake after rafting in the Kukkolankoski river in Tornio. During you bump from one stone to another, the fishermen are catching white fish with the traditional dip net called lippo without even using any bait. They just hold the 5 meter long dip net (too long to fit in their houses as you can see on the picture below) into the current while the fishes are having a rest behind the stones. The traditional way to prepare it is on a stick above an open fire. You can book this activity at Nordic Safaris.P1090609P1090639P10907002. TRY LAPISH TAPASP1090829P1100484P1090832P1090855P1090863P1090881This task might be the easiest. Every time you book a sauna treatment or any other cozy activity, you will get a generous plate of appetizers (here at Lapponia Safaris property). Or they just let a huge piece of salmon smoke beside the fireplace like a voodoo doll – the best salmon I´ve ever had, by the way! Lapland is also known for it´s mix of traditional ingredients (such as mushrooms, berries, fish and reindeer) with some fancy elements (such as flower leaves, crab meat and pomegranate seeds) – you could try one of it´s best examples at the City Hotel restaurant in Rovaniemi (pictures below). P1110060P1090937P10909323. GET LOST IN THE FORESTP1100198P1100296P1100279P1100231We spotted a reindeer in the forest while driving, got out of the car and followed it for a while. And ran into this beautiful reindeer farm with some bodyguard pigs in it. 300 000 reindeers live in Lapland, all of them belong to someone – so these animals are used to people and are not shy at all. So if Santa is not currently using them for some present delivery, you are very likely to see one during your stay.P1100240P1090846P11002344. GET DRUNK IN A SMOKE SAUNA AND JUMP INTO AN ARCTIC LAKEP1100357First work, then fun! The traditional finish smoke sauna has to be heated up 10 hours in advance. And this smell! Don´t use it before having a date!P1110123P1100404No, it´s not a toilet. It´s probably the smallest sauna in the world. And it´s allowed to take drinks inside (like in every finish sauna). Which helps a lot to increase your courage for jumping into the arctic lake afterwards…P1100433P1100410P1100480P1100419P1100451P1100352 P1100425The cat hats were supposed to protect you hair from the sauna heat. But I was wearing it all the time, even in the hot pot and during the dinner. After a couple of gin tonics I was so confident to look good in it. Well, there is always a next day – when you see the pictures… You can book this activity in the Metsäkyly forest (4 different saunas, jacuzis, meals and drinks) under this link.P1100430P1100444P1100569P1100313P1100461P11004715. TAKE A JETSKI RIDE WITH A FINNISH GUY AND KISS A HUSKY P1100489While I´m doing something boring like a pumpkin soup on a usual autumn weekend, the finish just get on a jetski and drive to a husky farm. During this tour booked via Access Lapland in Rovaniemi we first stopped at the Arktikum, which is a very recommendable museum and a science center in one. As it all covered with glas, you can sometimes even spot the nordic lights from inside when it´s getting dark.P1100523IMG_5030When I drive.IMG_4962When he drives… Thank you, Laura, for sharing these funny pictures with me.P1100567P1100520P1100542Should I say anything else? When we arrived at the Huskypoint we found out, that 40 of the 130 Alaskan Huskies living there were actually puppies.P1100572P1100708Mika was taking care of the huskies and told us a lot of interesting facts about the dogs before our first ride (with wheels – no sleighs at this time of the year). A 20 kg husky can pull up to 60 kg and run up to 100 km a day. When they get retired at ten, the senior huskies help to teach the puppies.P1100638P1100679P1100621P1100598P1100713Don´t forget to thank your husky for taking you around!

Still can´t get enough of Lapland? Read here another post about berrypicking in a forest near Rovaniemi. You can fly to Rovaniemi or Kemi/Tornio with Finnair.

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