Fraser Island Fun

Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. First, this fact didn’t sound very exciting to me. As I grew up at the Baltic Sea literally surrounded by sand dunes I expected the first island I was visiting in Queensland/Australia to be a way more exotic. And I have to admit I was so wrong: Fraser Island (200 inhabitans, 124 kilometres long) is everything but boring and probably the place you will have the most fun at during your whole trip! First of all: It’s not just sand. Fraser Island is the only sand island in the world with a rain forest growing on it. During the season you can watch huge humpback whales jump out of the water on the east coast. And there are nearly 200 fresh water lakes all over Fraser Island where you can have a quick dip. And they even have a highway on the beach – with two traffic police officers and a speed limit of 80 km/h . The 75 mile beach is also used as a landing strip for planes. Highway rules state that vehicles must give way to aircraft if they are oncoming haha. Unfortunately, I only had one day to explore Fraser Island. Try to stay at least for two days if you can. And see below some ideas about how you could spend your time:

WHERE TO STAY:P1160585I stayed at Kingfisher Bay Resort (from 98 euros/night) – it was located in the middle of the jungle but still at just 5 minutes walking distance from the beach.P1160634P1160598P1160654Dingoes are the most famous inhabitans of the island. Even though some of them look like domestic dogs, they are still wild! So don’t feed them, don’t pet them, don’t run away from them. Everything running is always something eatable! P1160673Coconut lorikeets love having their dinner upside down as I learned.P1160744What a great feeling it was to finally take my shoes off after two days of traveling from Europe to Australia! P1160695P1160747P1160768P1160783Our resort was located near the bridge where the ferries arrive. And they had a bar on the top of the bridge with really cold cider – which is probably my favorite sunset drink (well, everything is my favorite sunset drink to be honest). P1160802P1160840P1160850P1160855THE HIGHWAY, WHICH IS ACTUALLY A BEACH: P1160900P1160938Beach walks can get really dangerous on Fraser Island. There are wales and sharks in the water and the waves would be too strong for a swim anyway. And outside the water there are cars speeding on your left and your right all the time. It takes time till you realize that you are actually standing on a highway! P1160965P1160952So the safest place of the 75 mile beach would probably be slightly in the water or on a rock! P1160920NATURAL WATER SLIDE:P1160969Eli Creek is the largest creek on the east coast of the island (with a flow of 80 million litres per day) acting as some kind of a natural water ride. I am a lazy person, so it was just a perfect place for me: sitting in a rubber ring sliding down with the urrent. After some attempts I even learned some tricks how to overake others. P1160984P1170027P1170036P1170024The photo pose!P1170013The reality! There were some cookies waiting at the end of the slide, which also made me happy.P1170050THE MOST FAMOUS METAL RUBBISH OF AUSTRALIA:P1170111The ocean liner’s Maheno wreck has been here since 1935 and turned out to be one of the favorite photo stops of the island. So it’s allowed to stay.P1170086I take danger signs really seriously, as you can see…P1170088What’s in there that you are not allowed to see?P1170097P1170087P1170079P1170125THE SAND DUNES:P1170138P1170168P1170154The sand dunes in the middle of the island are really worth seeing them! And you can even sandboard on them. The highest is Mount Bowarrady with 240 meters.P1170332THE AIRPORT:P1170186Guess what! The airport is also the beach! Book a scenic flight to get a better overview of the island, it’s just 50 euros per person. And it’s such an unique experience to take off and land on a beach. We probably had the shiest pilot I’ve ever met.P1170192P1170320P1170197P1170325P1170215P1170255THE “CARIBBEAN” LAKE:P1170418Lake McKenzie is the most popular of the nearly 200 fresh water lakes located all over the island. It has an area of 150 hectares and is just over 5 metres in depth, but look at it’s color! It could be the Caribbean.P1170373P1170424P1170440RAINFOREST GROWING ON THE SAND:P1170458P1170598A huge thanks to our superstar guide Peter Meyer for taking us around his island. See his amazing photographic work of Fraser Island on his website. One of his favorite places to take pictures at is certainly the rain forest. And he showed me the funniest parts of it.P1170462P1170583The candlestick tree.P1170491The bridge tree (the “Dirty Dancing” tree for me).P1170590P1170573The wrapped tree.P1170569My twin tree.P1170506On the picture below you can see the road conditions in the middle of the island. It’s really hard to drive and you get stuck in the sand all the time, so consider booking a guided tour instead of renting a car and going by yourself (which is certainly much more fun but maybe too much fun). P1170607FOOD FROM THE BUSH:P1170622You can book a “Bush Tucker Talk and Taste” at Kingfisher Bay Resort (10 euro per Person) and taste traditional Australian berries, nuts and spicies directly from the bush. That’s a funky experience, many of them tasted copmletely new to me and the cook kept saying : “Oh, please don’t take too much of that one!” To give you some examples of what we had: They a using lillypilly for sauces or marmelades, lemon myrtle for fish or meat marinade and quandong for the cocktails.P1170630During the tasting they also give serve xou some emu, roo and crocodile meat. The interesting thing about crocodile (the white meat on the right) is the fact, that its changing the taste depending on what it eats. So it can taste like chicken or fish and if you didn’t like it once, doesn’t mean you don’t like it in general. P1170637How to get to Queensland: There are flights with Cathay Pacific via Hongkong to Brisbane and Cairns (from Germany the prices start at 1125 euro).

How to get to Fraser Island: Ferries are departing from Hervey Bay.

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