Get Spooked at Drovers Inn

Halloween is coming soon and you are already fed up with all these bat and pumpkin cupcakes? Then I´ve got something REALLY spooky for you. When my parents and I were driving through Scottland this summer we used to stop at a different bed & breakfast every night. On this one special day we couldn´t see any building for miles, it was already quite late and raining like hell. Suddenly we noticed a little dark house on the left side of the road and stopped . The girl at the very smoky reception told us there were still rooms left, we could have one with 3 beds for 70 pounds, which was surprisingly cheap. I got a little bit suspicious and told my dad that we surely get eaten by the end of our stay. But as my dad never listens when there is a bar around, he just said yes to the girl and we checked in at Drover´s Inn.P1590358P1590165I realized very soon that Drover´s Inn was famous for it´s love for animals (at least the stuffed ones) and the remarkable amount of ghost stories going on since the opening in 1705. Many drovers were resting at this place on their way to Loch Lomond. It has been a hard job with not always a pleasant end… Some of their ghost are still here looking for a pint. The Inn tried not to change too much since then, so the guys don´t get lost.P1590252P1590273P1590277P1590214First I was making fun of our new scary home…P1590338P1590262P1590209But very soon it started to become really spooky. I couldn´t find my room in this labyrinth of stairs and corridors and got advised just to follow the dead lady on the pictures… P1590349P1590200P1590169P1590172P1590191Finally there I was happy to find out that our room actually looked quite boring. Then my dad started to tell me there was something wrong with the sailing picture because the ship was going against the wind direction. You could tell it by the waves or something… This was the moment I definitely needed a drink at the pub downstairs. P1590148P1590303P1590294At the bar the waiter recommended me the warm goat cheese salad, because I “would definitely need the powers later”… P1590270P1590319P1590321P1590158But then I discovered the real menu: with Braveheart and Loch Lomond burgers on it. P1590290P1590231P1590315Drover´s Inn is the oldest pub in Scottland. In the year of their foundation it has also been the best one…P1590155P1590146You had to follow some special rules to get the drinks at the bar.P1590202 I don´t remeber how many ciders I´ve ordered during this evening exactly but I had the deepest sleep of my life and still really happy about getting drunk. My favorite quote of the evening by the way:P1590304Nevertheless it got even more spooky when I got back home. On the Drover´s Inn website I found letters from people who stayed there telling some strange stories. For example one family has rented the pub for a private celebration. The day after they have discovered a suspicious little girl in a pink dress on some of their pictures. There were either kids invited nor staying at the hotel. Inspecting my camera I also found something strange: I don´t remember so many cider, whisky and beer glasses standing in front of me that evening…

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