Bake & Shark

In New York it´s a Hot Dog, in Berlin it´s a Döner, in Trinidad it´s Bake & Shark. The traditional snack with fried bread, fried shark and a plenty of different greens and sauces just can´t be packed enough. They serve the best one at Maracas Bay, a beautiful beach in the north of the island. P1740253P1740274P1740358P1740257P1740330P1740224You can get really creative stuffing your Bake & Shark. It always looks different – mine was a bit too full though. I had tomatoes, gherkins, salad, coriander cabbage, pineapple pieces, mango and tamarindo sauce, chili and two types of mustard. P1740233P1740337P1740326P1740303If you go swimming after this snack you have to make sure you are still able to move. P1740292P1740302P1740263Even if you don´t like fish, shark or fried things you will still love Maracas Bay. It has one of the most beautiful beach in Trinidad framed by an amazing mountain view and there are a lot of locals coming around especially on weekends.  P1740320P1740327P1740318

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