Hasta la Playa Siempre

Ironically, the best all inclusive advice I’ve ever been given came from some backpackers. They told me they were using their all-inclusive hotel as a homebase, travelling around and coming back from time to time to change their clothes, spend some days on the beach and to get lots of food. We found out (it was in Yucatán, Mexico) they have paid for their hotel and flight combo only 100 euros more than me just for the flight. This trick certainly doesn’t work in countries with long distances between the places you want to visit. But if you are staying on an island it’s always a good idea to check the package price instead of just the flight. So my parents and I did during our vacation in Cuba. We stayed 3 days at Iberostar Varadero, travelled around the island for 6 days, came backt to pick up some new stuff, left for another island trip and finally came back to take the flight home. Why I’m telling you all this? Well, this post is full of showing off pictures from these 3 first days in Varadero. So I thought with a travel trick in it, it would make a bit more sense…
DSC_0949DSC_0963P1400389DSC_0932DSC_1057DSC_1041DSC_1008P1340247P1350097P1340931P1340933P1340934P1340402P1340380P1340964OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1340425DSC_9062DSC_1235DSC_9057 - Arbeitskopie 2P1340201P1340120P1340204P1390580P1400413P1350106P1340278P1340309P1390534DSC_9077DSC_9147DSC_9111OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1340671P1340097DSC_9311DSC_9229DSC_9216P1340668P1340634P1340651

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