I Swear I´m not Drunk

Hey guys! I´m getting a bit philosophical on my first post this year – and I swear I´m not drunk. 2013 has been everything but in the middle. I´ve never experienced a year that made me so happy and so sad at the same time. It was mostly about saying goodbye when you didn´t want to and saying hello when you didn´t expect to. I believe in the kindness of strangers. And I believe in people who know each other for centuries even though they just met.
One (and that´s only one) example was my short trip to Cuiabá (Brazil) last year to have a look at the new arena they were buildining for the World Cup 2014. There was no time left to visit Chapada dos Guimarães, a beautiful canyon and the main reason why people actually come to Cuiabá – my flight was at 11 a.m. the next morning. But I met someone who secretly picked me up at 6 a.m. at my hotel and brought me there knowing me only for a couple of hours by then! We managed to climb up a dangerous looking stone and have a bath in the waterfalls of the canyon when the sun came up (Cuiabá is the hottest city of Brazil with 40 degrees constantly you have to know) before getting back to the hotel just in time. I got out at the corner, put the pictures on another memory card and had some cheese bread for breakfast with the rest of the group and nobody ever knew. And I want to thank this special person for making me feel like a teenager again. I hope one day I can do something nearly as cool for you!
What I actually wanted to say: These things only happen to you on the open road when there is nothing weighing on your shoulders except of your bag. Back home we automatically turn back into people the others want us to be. We pretend to be cool, think twice before sending a message and don´t eat icecream or onions. You would say: not me. But yep, even you in a way. So just get out. Ride. Fly. Skate. With no free space on your shoulders.
Aaah: and see the pictures of the post as if you were interested, please! It´s always a bunch of work to upload this shit. And I swear I´m not drunk.P1620414P1610769P1620408I woke up in the hottest city of Brasil and the first thing to do was certainly to check out some local markets. P1610766P1610754P1610756P1610940This charming cowboy was selling self made ropes to hold cows and horses. The ladies loved him. So did I.P1610788P1610926P1610791P1610784P1610835No Brazilian market without chilies (all colours), sweet potatoes (pink), tapioca (white) and good looking guys (you can recognize it by yourself I guess).P1610813P1610797P1610801This woman was selling all kind of pickled fruits and vegetables. Those who know me will understand how hard it was to stay away from this stand.P1610890The ventilators were spreading water all the time because of the heat. P1610888P1610873Amaro or Walden filter?P1610881P1610948P1610971P1610952P1610975P1610989P1620007P1620012P1620028I had a short walk through the city center of Cuiabá after visiting the food and the artisan markets in the morning. To be honest: Brazil has seen much more beautiful cities. The two reasons people come to Cuiabá are the canyon Chapada dos Guimarães and Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas.P1620045P1620042P1620151P1620160Never thought I would find so many relatived among the typical amazonian animals at the Zoo of Cuiabá. Just compare our noses and you will understand.P1620134P1620137The actual reason for my visit: Arena Pantanal (capacity of 42,968), getting built specially for FIFA World Cup 2014 – when Cuiabá will host four matches. I was told to wear long sleeves to not to distract the workers haha so funny…P1620188Dangerous looking men always get you the best food. You should definitely go for Picanha at Brazilian Churrascarias. I thought my trip to Cuiabá ended by this dinner. But nop, see at the pictures below what happened only a couple of hours later…P1610730P1620192P1620205P1620222P1620250P1620307P1620251P1620324P1620393P1620337IMG_3548IMG_3553Thanks to my partner in crime, Sander Groen, for the waterfall pictures.P1620395P1620400The canyon looks much more amazing in real life. I took most of the pictures from the car window because we were so in a hurry. But it´s definitely worth it to stay there a couple of days. The area is full of nice hippie pousadas, bars, all size waterfalls, rivers, funny looking rocks. It´s also the place people in Cuiabá go for a weekend to cool down. P1620402And this is my favorite Brazilian breakfast: bread balls filled with cheese – the first thing I always get at the airport arriving in Brazil. “Pão de queijo” – remember these three words!!!

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  1. Sebastian says:

    Hej Inna,
    Great pictures! :) Looks like you had a lot of fun. Very colorful!
    Liebe Grüße aus MH,

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