Copenhagen in One Day

Sometimes you only have one single day to visit a city. And no matter what the reason for that may be (either you are leaving the next day or you just want to spend the rest of your holiday drinking beer) you can´t afford to lose any time. Here come some advices what to see in Copenhagen in one day.P1440435P1440461Start your tour near the city hall. It´s tower with 300 steps leads you to a platform with a nice view. But seriously: you can forget these steps, I´ve got a better view for you later on. Why were are actually here: Near the city hall starts the oldest and longest shopping street in Europe: Strøget… And you can´t miss this important part of history, don´t you? ;-) .P1440502Strøget finishes after 2 km at Amagertorv. For all of you, who already need a yummy-break (so to say for everybody) I would recommend Café Europa with it´s excelent fish dishes. P1440371P1440377P1440972This is the better view without stairs I promissed to show you: The Round Tower has a 206 meter long helical corridor leading you to the top with an expansive view over the whole city.P1440921P1440946P1440954P1440979P1450010At 12 a.m. you should be at Amalienborg, the home of the Danish royal family, to see the guard change. The special thing about Copenhagen is that you get really close to them (much closer than in London for example).P1450068In this building lives  Queen Margrethe II. Sometimes she is observing the guard change from her window.P1450080P1450084P1450133After visiting Amalienborg you can walk about 10 minutes to Nyhavn, the most famous place in Copenhagen with many colourful houses. I could spend there hours watching people and eating! Look at my hard rock fries!P1440034P1450117P1440063P1440068P1450101Now you still have plenty of time to visit another places. We stopped by at the Designmuseum where we could admire about 200 Danish chairs and then we had a really informative tour in Christiansborg Slot, the former Royal home and now the seat of the Danish Parlament. Read here what we did at night and get here some ideas where to relax in Copenhagen.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Sehr guter Tipp. Kann man auch gut bei einer mehrstündigen Zwischenlandung in Kopenhagen erkunden (evtl. das Essen weglassen wegen Zeitmangel). Ansonsten auch alles so bei herrlichem Sonnenschein gesehen.


  2. Matej says:

    Hej! Thanks for the information…. I think I will do the same thing in a few days while I am visiting Copenhagen for 10 hours :)

  3. I’m not sure how long this been up, but this came up upon googling things to do in Copenhagen. I really love the information and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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