Where to Relax in Copenhagen

Everybody says Copenhagen is a city to visit in summer. In summer the Copenhageans seat outside with their beer and their shorts, look even better than they normally do and there is even more dried stuff in the Freetown Christiania. I´ve been there two weeks ago and have to admit: No snow and no winter jacket can stop the Copenhageans looking good. So it doesn´t really matter if you go in summer, in winter or in between. The worldwide Map of Happiness  says in Denmark live the happiest people on earth. I´ve always been thinking the happiest people live in Monaco (because of the millionaires), in Mexico (because of Tequila) or in Amsterdam… well, you know why. But it isn´t true: the Danish are the happiest! I guess it´s because they know how to relax. That´s why my plan for my first stay in Copenhagen was to look for these relaxing and happy places on cold days. And to visit all the places your travel guide tells you you have to visit on VERY cold days. In this post I will tell you about my favorite relaxing places, in the next one about the city must-sees.P1440914

A relaxing trip always starts with a relaxing hotel. Well, the rooms in Copenhagen are either very expensive or very small – mine was both. But it was located in a very centre, the interior looked really cool and they had free tee and coffee all day long. This service was very appreciated due to the 50 km/h freezing wind we had during our stay. Free beer would have been better though…P1440415P1440418P1440425

The best way to start your Copenhagen trip is to hop on on the Hop On Hop Off Boat and to hop off at every stop they make. They will pick you up again in 1h15min and you can go on. The stops are Gammelstrand, Nyhavn, The Little Mermaid and Christianshavn and the boat also passes the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, the best restaurant in the world Noma, the modern building of the new Copenhagen Opera House and Amalienborg, the winter home of the Danish royal family. I bought this silly hat (which turned into my favorite one now) in a tourist shop, because it was sooo cold and all the stores only had spring/summer collections.P1440998P1440584P1440557P1440568P1440589P1450243P1440604P1440609P1440633

Go to the meatpacking district in Vesterbro (behind the cetral station), the new hip area of Copenhagen where all the trendy and delicious places are opening. Paté Paté, Karrierebar and Fiskebar (fresh fish and oysters) are only few of them. They still sell meat in these halls in the mornings and if you walk around during the day (some restaurants like Paté Paté offer lunch) you can hardly imagine, what happens here in the nights. P1440731P1440725P1440715P1440711

Another very relaxing place in Copenhagen is the freetown Christiania in the district of Christianshavn. It was founden in 1971 by a group of hippies who developed their own rules, completely independent of the Danish goverment. The people who live there still don´t pay any taxes and earn their money with bars, restaurants and arts they sell to the tourists. This place still looks like some kind of a hippy Disneyland with visionary paintings on the walls, smell of canabis in the air, colourfull illuminations and burning trash cans on the streets. You are not allowed to photopraph in Christiania, the picture below is showing the entrance.P1440396

And at the end my favorite place to relax in Copenhagen. Only 4 stations away from the city centre (the trains are driverless with a really amazing view into the tube) you will find the beautiful Amager Strand. In winter you don´t have to share the sun with anybody else on this beach.P1450144P1450159P1450181P1450205P1450230

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