My Date with Santa

Santa Claus gets visits from more than half a million people from all over the world during the year. His home – the Santa Claus Village – is located near Rovaniemi, the capital of Finish Lapland. And as you can never be quick enough with your Christmas wishlist, I brought it to him already in September.  You can have a date with Santa during the whole year. So you better be quick next time, if you didn´t like your presents this year. Or just delete your instagram account. You might be too naughty for Santa.P1090996P1100073The Arctic Circle crosses the village just in front of Santas home. You can jump over it.P1100087Or just seat over it.P1090998P1100001Visiting Santa is for free. But you have to pay for the pictures they take of you if you want to have them.P1100007Santa stops time with this clock on the 24th of December to be able to deliver all the presents just on time.P1100003This is the longest wishlist Santa has ever received. It came 2012 from Italy and has 75954 wishes on nearly 4 km of paper. P1100017Before you enter Santas room, you have to tell if you´ve been good or bad this year. My wishlist had 6 pages (still pretty modest if you compare me to the Italians) – so I wrote a bold “very” in the “good” line.P1100025Santa told me that the most grown ups who visit him ask for more time. So did I. It was number one one my wishlist. Santa himself is always happy to receive some socks, size 55. P1090978Kisses from Santa was also on my wishlist and it nearly worked…P1100031Nearly. He also told me things were a bit complicated between him and Mama Claus (they know each other for over 100 years right now). So hurry up, girls! Santa is still single.P1100021If you come with little kids, you can leave their soother at Santas living room. They get melted and then reused for the baby reindeers.P1100011P1100014From Santas celebrity gallery. I was not the only weird person visiting him…P1090993P1090994Santa Claus’ Main Post Office is also located at the Santa Claus Village. Since the opening in the mid 80s they have received 16,5 million of letters from 198 countries.P1100039P1100100Ten people in grome costumes take care of the letters. If you want to write Santa, this is his address: Santa Claus, Santa Claus Main Post Office, FI-96930 Arctic Circle. You will usually receive a standardized response.P1100111Countries writing the most letters, have their own boxes. Look who else wants to chat with Santa: P1100113Ethiopia, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Kirgisia, Indonesia…P1100114Australia, Myanmar, Ecuador, Egypt, Brasil…P1100118Syria, Puerto Rico, Saudi-Arabia, Sudan, Sierra Leone…P1100115Japan, Libanon, Madagascar, Irak, Kenia… P1100127All the letters sent from here will get this special arctic circle stamp.P1100121You can choose either to send them directly or wait till Christmas (if you are visiting in summer, for example).

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