New in Berlin: Soya Cosplay

A Peking Duck is normally nothing I would order in a restaurant, but I guess in this one the cook really understands his job. This week I went to the opening of “Soya Cosplay” (Jägerstr. 59-60) in Mitte, a modern chinese restaurant from the guys who also run “Toca Rouge” und “Long March Canteen“. There was a lot of fried stuff to eat and an uncountable amount of pecking ducks served in some sort of taco. The interior on three floor was supposed to look like yards in chinese villages. I have no idea how yards in chinese villages look like but I definitely found my favorite couch! P1510258P1510235P1510233P1510226If I had a couch like this at home, seven pizzas would fit on it beside me!P1510273P1510275P1510264P1510334P1510325The nest on the picture above is a fried shrimp. You can order an entire pecking duck in Soya Cosplay by the way. For 128 euros. Without a flight to Peking. Cheaper things on the menu: lamb filet with Sezhuan pepper and fresh peppermint (23,70 euros); edible crab with ginger and spring onions (26,70 euros) and for dessert waterchestnut cake with red bean ice cream (8,20 euros).P1510351P1510299P1510294My favorite space remained the half-dark cellar with a really high ceiling full of lanterns. You could eat two peking ducks there and nobody would ever know.

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