New in Tenerife: Hard Rock Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife opening weekend. That made me happy for three reasons. First, I’ve never been to Tenerife (or any other Canarian island). Second, as a German I hardly appreciate every ray of sunshine in December. Third, I love waking up in my bed full of playmates and putting gin into my morning coffee. So there couldn’t have been a better match for this event than me. Nevertheless, the hotel is not as wild as you might think. Have a look:P1110863image2-20Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is located on the sunny south coast of the island with only 16 rainy days per year. Another reason to celebrate.image1-32P1110813P1110796I have to admit I was quite surprised to see the design of the Hard Rock Hotel was so different to the Hard Rock Cafés. Very bright, sexy and the food is healthy too. Still lots of strong drinks, thanks God! Room rates start from 210 euros per night but you can also book packages with flight and breakfast included via FTI. image1-31image2-17image2-18The huge salt water lagoon is just one of the four hotel pools. It has a direct beach access, a beach club and a dj in the middle of the pool. Get ready to swim along and wave!image1-33image4-8Since I lived in Barcelona, coming to Spain always feels like coming back home for me. There are a couple of reasons for that like the funny people, the musik, the Zara sales, but I guess the main one will always remain pulpo a la plancha. I mean…image3-12P1110871P1110894P1120316A good spot to watch the sunset from is the 16th rooftop bar on the Nirvana tower. The Oasis tower is a bit more quiet, also perfect for families. There are 624 rooms all together.P1120301image4-11P1110902image5-2P1120282Hard Rock International has the worldwide biggest collection of music memorabilia, about 80 000. In Tenerife you can find a 80 of them, like Lady Gaga’s leather bikini, Madonna’s and Katy Perry’s letters, pictures of the Beatles and many more. The Beatles spent their last summer holiday in Tenerife before they got famous. And a local pub didn’t let them perform. P1120273P1120325P1120085The best hangover medicine for the day after is probably a walk on a Chinyero volcano – under the shade of pine trees and with a cool breeze. Don’t worry the volcano is inactive! Plus you will have the best view on Pico del Teide, with 3718 metres the the highest point of Spain.P1120112P1120117P1110944Another interesting place to visit is Circulo de Bellas Artes in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The five floor gallery with a theatre and a rooftop terrace allows less known artist to present their work. Famous surrealists like Breton, Dalí, Picasso und Domínguez had their first exhibition here. And didn’t sell anything. image3-13P1110937P1110952P1110933P1110998But lets get back to the really important questions in life: What is the food like at the Hard Rock Hotel? Well, my favorite restaurant turned out to be the spanish Ali-Olé (what a surprise) with these dancing lamps… P1110926…the Asian Narumi also has been awesome.P1120233Not to talk about Sessions with the huuuuge buffets…P1110928…and the steak house Montauk. image6Fake it until you make it. The truth is: I can’t even walk on these shoes!P1120016P1120019Staying at a Hard Rock Hotel doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to listen to hard rock or any other loud music all the time. There are also chill out areas, a huge spa and children’s playgrounds. But obviously many things are about music. There will be concerts and parties and you can get a guitar or a dj desk from your room service if you wish. So you can be a rock star but you don’t have to. Let’s not talk about this mirror…   P1120161P1120176P1120169I was lucky enough to attend the legendary „Children of the 80’s Party“ – which is taking place once a month and is free for house guests. For the opening party legends like Village People, Rozalla, C+C Music Factory und Black Box were rocking the stage. P1120172P1120208P1120182And see how huge the gin tonic glasses are? Any more doubts the place is just perfect for you?P1120257P1120297P1120272P1120328

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