Palm Springs Roadtrip

Going on a road trip with one of your best friends is awesome enough and it gets even better if the trip is in California. But how about going on a Californian road trip with one of your best friends with tickets for both Coachella weekends in your pocket? As Evelyn and I knew we were going to be so lucky to attend both weekends, we immediately started to search for hotels in Palm Springs. The price turned out to be the triple of what they normally cost (which is not a big surprise though, cheers to all of you who has already been to Rio Carnival), so we decided to organize a Palm Springs road trip (instead of just going to the festival) to make the most of our stay . And there are tons of things to see. On my last post I already told you about a hippie place called Salvation Mountain. But you should also visit Joshua Tree National Park and the worlds biggest dinosaurs in Cabazon, which is on the way from Los Angeles anyway. P1260077P1260070My friend Evelyn is the cutest on this planet, but only after she had her breakfast. So we stopped by the Mels Drive-In in Sherman Oaks for a happy breakfast cake. image6-3P1260104P1280484The Cabazon Dinosaurs are up to 46 meters tall, weight up to 150 tons and are perfect for a couple of shots.P1280471P1260498image2-15P1280406P1280491P1280461P1260901We stayed at Aloha in Palm Springs, which looked like one of these American road trip movie hostels. But I swear we didn’t steal the car and didn’t have to paint our hair in the sink.P1260927P1260950image7-4The guy at Alamo rental station told us it was impossible to go to Coachella with the ugly car we preordered. So we switched to this Dodge. And payed 700 euros for 10 days instead of 3000 (so he said). America, the holy land of upgrades!image5-4image2-17P1260144image4-4Coachella is just as amazing as you expect it to be: Californian sun over palm trees and mountains, beautiful people everywhere, the famous ferris wheel, kale tacos, flower letters, truffled mac&cheese, golden tattoos, purple sunsets, fireworks, Victoria’s Secret supermodels passing by… It’s the most photgraphed music festival in the world for a reason.image6-2P1260221image5-3P1260182P1260163P1260235P1260248The coolest thing about Coachella: The line up is great, but wait till you see the surprise acts! This year Ja Rule, Kanye West and Sean Paul just appeared on the stage for one song. And Rihanna was the special guest of Calvin Harris, Sam Smith of Sia, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre of Ice Cube. I mean: an additional line up to a line up!P1260254image7-1image6-1P1260311image1-27P1260313image4-3P1260327P1260397P1260335P1260419P1260398P1260443P1260464The pool parties during Coacella happen to be just as good as the festival itself. For most of them you don’t even need an invitation, you just have to know where they are. So stay tuned, ask people, check Instagram posts. The pool parties are actually the reason why Coachella is also called No-Chella. You are having a great time, too great, get stuck, and miss the actual festival. At the ACE Hotel party, which is one of the most popular ones, we met some guys who told us they knew even a better one. So we joined them… image5-2P1260632…and arrived at the Revolve party. We’ve been admiring so many pictures from this place on Instagram accounts of several superstars for this entire weeked, but we had no idea where it was located. Evelyn and I were so busy with taking pictures, that we didn’t even mention that Leonardo DiCaprio was sitting next to us. P1260508P1260546P1260511P1260542P1260531P1260575-1 (verschoben)P1260605P1260682P1260596P1260679P1260653P1260693P1260716P1260756P1260749If you want to see the celebrity crowd, you have to go on the first weekend though. The second one is a so called local weekend. The same line up, but not so much going on beside it.P1260781P1260727P1260827P1280502P1260838The true reason why Leo came to Coachella ;-) image7image5-5During the second Coachella weekend we really really had this plan of seeing all the acts we’ve missed on the first one, but… No-Chellaaaa.P1280531image3-9Please excuse us for being rude but that’s how you feel when you need two hours to find a parking slot and get to the festival. Don’t want to sound like a German, but: Arrive early, kids!image2-14P1280555As we finally made it to the main stage (there are 7 of them by the way) the sun was just setting and we couldn’t think of a more beautiful and emotional goodbye. Peace out, Coachella!image3-8P1280577P1280571image6image9P1280609P1280641P1280601image1-24

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