Pool Down!

There is normally no way I am using the pool to cool down. If there is a sea, an ocean, a lake or a puddle near, I will jump in. Pool is just something you could have anywhere. But there are some exceptions as I had to learn during my stay at Shanti Maurice in the South of Mauritius. Since the resort is well known for it´s amazing pool area and one of the biggest and authentic spas in the Indian Ocean (the 7000 qm big NIRA SPA) and we already had two weeks of road tripping behind us I was just happy to settle down. And have some typical pool food like a Club Sandwitch with fries before pimping me up for the dinner in the Stars Restaurant.P1830388P1830396It all started… with a private balcony poolP1830331P1830113The whole resort was all about water: you had this main pool with an ocean view and whirlpools inside, little bowls and figure fontains everywhere – all decorated with flowers.P1820854P1820747P1820825P1830106P1830103P1830141P1820816P1830401P1830107shantimaurice1shantimaurice3P1820299P1830181P1830173P1830151The deck of the Stars restaurant with a view at.. guess what!P1830145P1830153P1830168P1830156P1830187P1830235P1830248Soft shell crab. For those who got worried by this picture…P1830252P1820671P1820776P1830286The next day was kinda spa-yoga-wisdoms-loveyourself-waterlilies-day. As I am neither a yoga-girl nor a loveyourself-girl, I had to be convinced to take a lesson in the early morning. My teacher (a tough taskmaster as I had to learn) told me guys would love yoga-girls because they have a better… you know what. And I really felt better after the lesson althought I couldn´t even move a toe and had to spend the whole day recovering from my attempts to attract guys. I still think giving them a drink or a steak is an easier way after all…P1830273P1820801P1820804P1820762P1820218P1820797P1820208P1830320P1830217

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  1. Thanks for the great write up! Glad that you had a wonderful time with us and what great pictures you took!

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