Rock the Boat

If you are staying in a hotel in the South of Mauritius, one thing you should definitely book is a catamaran trip. There are trips on every coast but this is the most popular one. They say it´s because you can see the dolphins (which is probably the case on 99 % of catamaran tours worldwide), snorkle (get ready to say hi to one fish you wouldn´t even care about in Egypt) and spot a weird coral which looks like a mushroom (this is really a funny picture though). But to me, the really special thing about this trip is the fact that you can see the beautiful mountain landscape of the island (since you don´t get to see a lot of it staying in the South) and notice how fast they get covered by clouds and the weather changes. Well, and it´s certainly not too bad being the whole day on a boat with some drinks, music and a barbecue, loosing half of your bikini while jumping into the water and… don´t forget the dolphins! So the first thing we did when we arrived at our hotel Shanti Maurice and had some indian style pancakes was to head straight to a catamaran tour.P1810906P1810909P1810897P1810914P1810943P1810971P1810956The dolphins. Amazing.P1810975P1810979P1820011P1820030P1820003This is how a bar works on a catamaran…P1820028P1820067P1820041Banana steak anyone?P1820039P1820044As you can see, snorkling is very popular at this place…P1820055P1820122P1820020P1820134A mushroom? After three of these rainbow cocktails this coral could be anything to me.

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