Salvation Mountain

Melting away in the car even with the air conditioner running at full speed, constantly getting lost or asking ourselves where to go – this trip from Palm Springs to the Salvation Mountain (Beal Rd, Niland, CA 92257) in the Colorado Desert didn’t start as a perfect one. But as soon as my friend Evelyn and I arrived at the dusty parking spot in the middle of nowhere, we knew we were going to stay here for hours and take tons of pictures – no matter the heat.  And no matter the huge hangover we had after the Coachella festival. I´ve admired this place on Instagram for too long to just let it pass like that.P1260964The Salvation Mountain is not really a mountain. It’s an artwork hill created by local resident Leonard Knight in 1984 – from adove, straw and plenty of paint. Even though it’s all covered by Christan saying, I wouldn’t call it a strictly religious place. You can walk and fool around everywhere, laugh, sing, go up to the cross (just stay on the stairs) and take as many pictures as you want. During his lifetime (he died two years ago), Knight didn’t accept any kind of donations. He wanted it to be an independent place, open to everybody. He used to live in a truck without water or electricity close to the mountain, constaintly working on his project. As a true hippie Leonard Knight was only reachable by written letters (mailbox above). P1270129P1260978P1270002P1260992P1270022P1270058P1270065evelynEvelyn looking like a rockstar in her love cave.P1270072P1270157P1270101P1270152P1270113P1270174P1270119P1270142As soon as Knight finished the mountain, he also started painting cars and trucks. Take a look at them as well, if you happen to go there! Evelyn and I were planning to stay for half an hour, at the end we spent over two hours at that place and it has been awesome. All worth the crazy drive there! P1270178P1270190P1270194P1270181P1270197P1270219P1270200P1270221P1270208

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