Shanti Maurice: Fish Shack

I don´t really believe in all these top tens or top somethings. The worst ones are the “things to see/do/smoke before you die”-tops. But sometimes they do give you some really good suggestions. The “Fish Shack” in the Shanti Maurice Resort (South of Mauritius) got voted under the top ten world´s best beach bars. I discovered it by walking through the resort after a giant breakfast and didn´t even know it was so famous. It first looked more like a wedding location to me. But by night it turned into something really magic…P1820955P1820662P1820889P1820897P1830016P1820907P1830025P1820904P1820927P1820961P1820979This is how the “Fish Shack” looks during the day… Pretty enough for fooling around.P1820969P1820978P1820981P1830043P1830194P1820251The “Fish Shack” opens when the sun sets. You walk a long path lightened by some torches and when you start thinking you got lost some white tents and wooden ships full of food appear. It all looks really surreal, like an oasis in the middle of the desert, but then you hear the waves and they remind you of where you are. The good thing about this beach bar (which actually is more a grill restaurant): everybody can book a dinner there, no need to be a guest of the resort. They put on the grill what they caught in the morning (but there are always lobster, shrimps, marlin) or what they got from the market the day before (the marinades are to die for). But even if it just was a burger and a beer: the atmosphere beats everything!P1820596P1820458P1820397P1820441P1820586P1820431shantibarP1820582

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  1. Caro says:

    beautiful! nice pics Inna! mach lust mal mach Mauritius zu fliegen :)

  2. Leonie Zoe says:

    Oh wow, omg. Jetzt hab ich Fernweh. Aber so richtig. wunderschöne aufnahmen….purer Neid aus berlin. Ich bin ehrlich..

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