Amano Roof: Summer Drinks

It´s weekend, it´s pretty hot almost everywhere and I´m sure you are thirsty. A good place in Berlin to cool down is Amano Roof, a bar located on the top of Amano Hotel with a great view over Berlin. If you live somewhere else, you can still try some of their delicious virgin summer drinks at home. Scroll down for the recipes and feel free to add alcohol! It´s weekend…P1510536P1510504P1510487WATERMELON GARDEN
What you will need: 2 big watermelon slices, basil branch, half a lemon, 2 cl elderflower syrup, soda. Muddle the watermelon and mix it with minced basil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and syrup. Shake it well in a shaker. Strain the cocktail into a tall glas and add some soda.P1510515P1510561fernsehturmP1510527JERRY BERRY
What you will need: a handful raspberries and blueberries, half a lime, mint branch, 1 tsp sugar, ginger ale. Cut the lime in slices and muddle it together with berries, sugar and mint. Add ice cubes and fill up with ginger ale.

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