St. Andrews: Where William and Kate first met

The whole world is talking about the birth of the royal baby. Last month I visited the place where the royal love was born. During our Scottland roadtrip we drove 1,5 hours from Edinburgh to get to St. Andrews. And saw nothing but the sheeps on the way.P1560314P1560622St. Andrews is a small city (17 000 inhabitans) located on the east coast of Scottland, a bit far away from all the main places of interest. But it´s still famous in the whole word. Why? St. Andrews is the place where Kate and William got to know each other.P1560627But don´t expect huge signs or some kind of Kate-William city tours. St. Andrews is a common little city with discounts for students and lunch offers at indian restaurants. There are two main streets creatively named South Street (left) and North Street (right). The Cathedral of St. Andrews is THE thing to see. Unless it´s more a ruin than a cathedral.P1560612At least you can see from it´s top where William and Kate used to play tennis.P1560590P1560505In this building of the St. Andrews University (located on the North Street) William studied Geography and Kate History of Art. They used to eat at the cafeteria with other students, lived in St. Salvator’s Hall and shared an apartment afterwards. St. Andrews is Scotland’s first university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world (after Oxford and Cambridge).

P1560536P1560520P1560540P1560452P1560567P1560472There are a lot of little shops and a Tesco supermarket (where also Kate and William where spotted buying food) on the Market street. I was expecting more royal glamour in St. Andrews but it was still nice to see what a normal life the couple lived here.P1560636P1560409St. Andrews is also famous for it´s golf courses. Even Tiger Woods already played here.P1560413The beach is barely used due to the scottish weather.P1560639P1560339P1560443P1560380P1560392If you are looking for a bed&breakfast the best thing you can do is to drive out of the city. The rate will be 30 pounds less. And don´t worry: the rooms will look kitschy everywhere…

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