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Gambia: Tanji Fish Market

I´m a coast girl. And I love the smell of the fish. I mean not the one of the gratinated oysters in Paris or of a clean safran fish market in Brittany, I mean the real one. I love the smell of smoked mackerel in men´s hair and the sparkling fish scales under women´s nails. Many of you won´t find these pictures inviting, but for me it has been the best experience in Gambia (Westafrica) to walk through the village of Tanji and first see how the catch gets cleaned and prepared in the yards and then finally to arrive at the beach and watch the boats come back to the coast – full of joyfull and sad faces. I just couldn´t stop taking pictures and I wished I could share this smell with you – even though most of you would kill me for doing that haha…P1500446P1500461P1500490P1500493P1500477P1500515P1500506P1500554P1500595P1500768P1500826P1500589P1500604P1500633P1500810P1500613P1500620P1500597P1500778P1500661P1500701P1500641P1500753


Gambia: Beach Life

When I´m visiting a country for a very first time I always try to keep the first day free. Just to walk around, test some local beers and get an impression of where I am. I visited Africa for the first time this summer (I´ve already been to Egypt and Morocco, but I guess it doesn´t really count) and I didn´t have any idea about The Gambia. I´ve just red that it was the smallest country on the black continent, located in the West of Africa at the Atlantic coast, totally surrounded by Senegal. And I was told the local beer was called Jul Brew (important information) – that´s it… P1480021After our 6 hour flight to the capital Banjul (brusselsairlines.com, flights from Europe about 700 euro via Brussels) we headed directly to the hotel to have more time for doing nothing. P1480024P1480066P1480026What I haven´t noticed before: Our hotel had the world “BEACH” in it´s Name (The Kairaba Beach Hotel)! This made me move double so quickly. I grabbed my camera, my tunica for the first days of beach (it coveres the pale skin) and hurried forwards the sound of ocean before the sun went down…P1480064P1480053P1480058On my way there I´ve discovered: 1. Trees with heart-shape… P14800842. The Gambian Backstreet Boys…  P14800313. A swimming pool (in case I didn´t like the beach)…P14905314. My new favorite flowers with a smell of coco: Frangipani…P14909105. And a bird showing me the way.P1490311P1490318P1490320P1490306I loved the beach for two reasons: The jellyfishes are always good for blood circulations and there was some real Gambian beach life happening on it. Normally a hotel beach is just full of tourists.P1490295P1490298P1490326P1490299P1490348Annette and I also learned a Gambian an important wisdom from two Romeos on horses: “It´s nice to be nice”. We knew we have done something wrong in our lifes…P1490336P1490601 P1490605P1490300P1490587P1480088P1480099On the way back I discovered that the hotel had a lot of gardens where you could find birds normally posing for beer bottles (see the last picture)…P1480106… and your dinner on the trees.P1480110P1480093P1490372P1480150Just joking, Kairaba has three restaurants. The outdoor one with seafood was my favorite. P1480148P1480159P1480154 KopieAs my blog is very new, I would be really happy if you could like me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Or just leave a comment which doesn´t contain words like “viagra” or “cheap louis vuitton” haha…


Visiting Gambia´s Petting Zoo

Before I start telling you about my trip to Gambia (Westafrica) step by step first of all I would like to present you my favorite swimming pool over there. For many people, a good swimming pool is an important part of a good holiday. That´s why I couldn´t wait to give you this recommendation. P1490627P1490630To get to the pool you have to pass through a museum first, where you can get some information about the current gambian beach fashion. Cut outs are really en vogue this season. At least on the eyes.P1490648P1490639P1490657After a short walk through the forrest you will arrive at the life guard´s station. This gambian David Hasselhoff wasn´t too busy though. The swimming pool was not that big. But where was actually the water?P1490723The pool was completely covered by plants. Only about 100 crocodiles who were getting some tan near it knew what´s inside. P1490733P1490720The holy crocodiles don´t just hang around, they also have an important entertainment function. Tourists come to this place from far away only to pet them. Although I tried to smile in a camera for a second while doing that, I was really afraid! Touching the crocodiles makes you have a lot of babies!!!P1490737Here comes the shoe test for all of you who don´t believe the crocodile was real. I seemed to be less yummy to him. No, seriously: crocodiles are nearly blind and only react to vibrations. If you are quiet and the crocodile full, he won´t even notice you are there.P1490681The Holy crocodiles in Kachikally near Bacau are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gambia. For most of the visitors it´s just a petting zoo, but they mean much more to the Gambians. Women who can´t have children come to the crocodile pool. A legent says that there was a Gambian chieftain named Ngaga Ceesay in the 16. century and none of his 15 wifes could have a baby. One of the wifes had a dream one night of entering a big forest and having a round belly afterwards. So she woke Ngaga up and they went to the forrest where they found two albino crocodiles near a pool (THIS pool). She petted the crocodiles and got pregnant. And guys, can you imaging how I was hoping this crocodile spell only works on Gambians?P1490777P1490702Find here some general informations about Gambia.