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Île de Sein: the Best Island to Get Drunk

I kept the highlight of our island hopping tour through Brittany (France) for my last post: Île de Sein, the best island to get drunk! You will ask: „Why exactly Île de Sein? You can perfectly get drunk on every island.“ Maybe. But you can do it even better on this one. See the 7 reasons below: P1470241 P1470343P14703631. Even if the world seems to go down on the way to the island – as soon as you have passed a special point the sun always comes out. That´s what all the sailors and fishermen say who come over every day. And that´s what we have also experienced. So much luck must be celebrated! P1470388P14705222. In the sixties the island had 1000 inhabitans and 28 bars. Now there are only 150 inhabitans and 6 bars. No problem! Nearly the whole island is surrounded by a stone wall. When the sun shows up, peole come out and put their drinks on this wall. This is how the longest bar in the world has been established. P1470517By the way: I´m drinking Kir Breton (Kir Royal of Brittany). I´m not quite sure if you can remeber the recipe: take Cidre, put cassis inside.P1470461P1470471P14704873. Most of the houses on Île de Sein are or have something colourful, which is pretty unusual for this part of France. The good thing about it: you will always find back to your house or your hotel even if you are drunk. You just have to remeber if it was pink or blue or yellow… No streets, no numbers.P1470480On the day I was visiting the island (end of April) they had spring tide. It only happens twice a year. The sea went back more than usual and you could pick all the sea treasures like oysters or crabs from the bottom. P14705004. The streets between the houses were built so narrow that you could roll a beer barrel between them but you would never fall down if you were drunk. One of the walls would always „catch“ you.P1470502P1470519P1470531P1470548P14705595. If you compare it to the other two islands we have visited, Île de Sein is pretty far away from the continent. So it´s food stayed really traditional and you don´t have to look with a telescope on your plate to find it. I had a ray fish with pomegranate sauce and potatoes. A good base to order another 3 Kir Breton.P1470621P1470631P1470636P1470652Thank you, Christine, for showing me Brittany. And the drinks. Find here all her posts.P1470600P1470657P14706746. If you get really brave after some drinks – no problem. People on this island will believe you.P1470683P1470692P1470735On the picture above you can see another tiny „beer“-street. The water was coming back by the time the ferry was leaving ( 4 p.m.). It was your own fault if you still haven´t picked up your dinner till then.P1470724P1470760P1470781P1470815P1470844P1470865P14708487. If something goes wrong between you and the bottle, Sauvetage en Mer will save as soon as you come back to Audierne. Well, this one is a shitty reason. But the other 6 are really true!