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Ouessant: where France ends

800 inhabitans, 1000 tourist beds, 4 bars, 7 fishing boats, but no trees and no policemen (both perfect for my excelent driving skills): Ouessant was the first island on our island hopping tour (3 days, 3 island) across Brittany. And at the same time the most western point of France. Somehow it really felt like arriving at the very end of the world…P1460342P1460339P1460331P1460274The beautiful cliffs on the coast of Ouessant are not only the reason for the many visitors, but also for the many lighthouses on the island (5 directly on it, another 20 you can see on a clear day). Ouessant is maybe not the right place for swimming, but really perfect for walking around, cycling and eating.P1460291P1460352P1460363P1460262As there are no trees and no wood on the island, the traditional food was cooked on sods (a lamb dish takes 6 hours). Because of the strong wind the grass never grows very high and because of the mild temperature during the whole year it´s roots never get frozen. I´ve never walked on such a soft grass carpet before.P1460209Everything wooden on the island was made from the ship wreckage. As you can imagine, there are no many exciting things happening on the tiny Ouessant. But there are a lot of funny storries about things the waves sometimes bring to the coast. One morning a container ship full of rubber ducks sank and the water turned all yellow.  Another day the waves brought many shoes and the people on the island had to get together in the evening after collecting them all in order to find the right pairs.P1460412TY Korn was the best pub (ground floor) and restaurant (first floor) on the island. I didn´t want to wait 6 hours for my lamb, so I just ordered a crab which I had to crack with a nutcracker.P1460410DSCN1055P1460391P1460396P1460425P1460441There is one thing I haven´t done since my last teenage school trip: a night walk (nobody kissed this time!). On Ouessant it really made sense to walk around in the night because it was the best way to admire all the lighthouses “at work”. We also passed by a mysterious looking house on the cliffs and walked around it (I guess it wouldn´t look half that mysterious during the day). P1460456Creach is the most powerful lighthouse in Europe. When I was lying in my bed after this really long day I saw it´s lights running across the hotel room and hypnotizing zzzzz…. haha.P1460485P1460517On the next day we had to catch the ferry back to Le Conquet in the early morning. The second island was waiting for us. Le Glenán was the total opposite of Ouessant – no cliffs and a caribbean looking beach.