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Maldives Underwater

Hey guys, I´ve got a new underwater camera (Nikon Coolpix AW110). Actually it´s my first underwater camera, but a “new underwater camera” sounds more professional. So I tested my NEW underwater camera when I was in the Maldives (or so to say: under the Maldives) last month. I tested it on corals, turtles, sharks and girls. And I am really happy about the results because I didn´t read any intstructions and the pictures still came up like if I did. So if you are not too crazy about underwater photography (or lazy like me) and just want some memories once in a while, this camera might be a good suggestion for you. Ah, and it´s 18 meter waterproof!DSCN0025DSCN0294DSCN0468The real reason why people go snorkling in the Maldives: Romy from Robinson Club Maldives. She shows her guests the best spots around the island twice a day. Poor guys forget to breathe hahaDSCN0052DSCN0760DSCN0108DSCN0065DSCN0057DSCN0082DSCN0175DSCN0276 2DSCN0213DSCN0287DSCN0243DSCN0605DSCN0489DSCN0592DSCN0714DSCN0690DSCN0672DSCN0776DSCN0777DSCN0642DSCN0768DSCN0515DSCN0676DSCN0118