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Gambia: Beach Life

When I´m visiting a country for a very first time I always try to keep the first day free. Just to walk around, test some local beers and get an impression of where I am. I visited Africa for the first time this summer (I´ve already been to Egypt and Morocco, but I guess it doesn´t really count) and I didn´t have any idea about The Gambia. I´ve just red that it was the smallest country on the black continent, located in the West of Africa at the Atlantic coast, totally surrounded by Senegal. And I was told the local beer was called Jul Brew (important information) – that´s it… P1480021After our 6 hour flight to the capital Banjul (brusselsairlines.com, flights from Europe about 700 euro via Brussels) we headed directly to the hotel to have more time for doing nothing. P1480024P1480066P1480026What I haven´t noticed before: Our hotel had the world “BEACH” in it´s Name (The Kairaba Beach Hotel)! This made me move double so quickly. I grabbed my camera, my tunica for the first days of beach (it coveres the pale skin) and hurried forwards the sound of ocean before the sun went down…P1480064P1480053P1480058On my way there I´ve discovered: 1. Trees with heart-shape… P14800842. The Gambian Backstreet Boys…  P14800313. A swimming pool (in case I didn´t like the beach)…P14905314. My new favorite flowers with a smell of coco: Frangipani…P14909105. And a bird showing me the way.P1490311P1490318P1490320P1490306I loved the beach for two reasons: The jellyfishes are always good for blood circulations and there was some real Gambian beach life happening on it. Normally a hotel beach is just full of tourists.P1490295P1490298P1490326P1490299P1490348Annette and I also learned a Gambian an important wisdom from two Romeos on horses: “It´s nice to be nice”. We knew we have done something wrong in our lifes…P1490336P1490601 P1490605P1490300P1490587P1480088P1480099On the way back I discovered that the hotel had a lot of gardens where you could find birds normally posing for beer bottles (see the last picture)…P1480106… and your dinner on the trees.P1480110P1480093P1490372P1480150Just joking, Kairaba has three restaurants. The outdoor one with seafood was my favorite. P1480148P1480159P1480154 KopieAs my blog is very new, I would be really happy if you could like me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Or just leave a comment which doesn´t contain words like “viagra” or “cheap louis vuitton” haha…