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Trinidad: Where benches look better than girls

In my last post I was giving you a couple of inspirations what to do during a one day stay in Havana. I’ve been road tripping Cuba for a week and I have to admit that there is only one serious competitor for Havana: Trinidad. This cute little town (50000 inhabitants) in the South of Cuba is so beautiful that even the benches look better than every girl who will ever sit on them.P1380495 2DSC_0455P1380368P1380362The best time to explore Trinidad is early in the morning, when the cruise ships and the tour busses from Varadero haven’t arrived yet. And you see authentic scenes like people standing in a line for milk, a gentleman listening to his canary bird (he called it “iPod cubano”), kids on their way to school, a dog waiting for someone to come along and bring some food, a pride knight on his donkey… They all will disappear later on.DSC_0594DSC_0583P1380375P1380388DSC_0603P1380405Plaza Mayor ist told to be Kuba’s most photographed square. And no matter how hard you try: the benches will always look prettier. So let your lipstick at home!P1380419P1380412P1380413DSC_0640DSC_0584P1380435 2P1380519P1380446P1380761P1380657When a girl turns 16 in Cuba, her parents organize a huge party to let her feel like a princess (a grown up princess). She wil proudly drive across the town in a decorated car with a private photographer – in case not every boy had a chance to see her like this… P1380465P1380734P1380894P1380757P1380546P1380595P1380573For a nice view over Trinidad and the mountains of Sierra del Escambray surrounding it, climb up the tower of Museo de Historia Municipal. It’s just around the corner from Plaza Mayor. P1380596P1380605P1380798P1380795To get an idea how the houses of colonial rulers used to look like from inside visit Palacio Cantero. It’s truly beautiful (if you don’t think about the way they made the money).P1380644Don’t know how the Cubans do it: The older they get, the cooler they look. P1380838DSC_0675P1380742P1380770P1380772DSC_0614P1380839DSC_0649DSC_0618P1380277We were staying at the Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar. The design was supposed to remind of the old town of Trinidad and they even had a tower where you could watch the sunset from. The hotel was located directly at the beach. But if you are looking for a really amazing beach, you should definitely visit Playa Ancon – it’s only 12 kilometers away from the city center. DSC_0741P1380286P1380918P1380932P1380912P1380960P1380281P1380305There are two places in Trinidad you should shake your tailfeather at: Casa de la Música and Casa de la Trova. Casa de la Música is not really a house, there are just stairs behind the cathedral with people dancing on them and some bands playing. Casa de la Trova IS a house, but people are dancing on the steet anyway. P1380315P1380330And this is the story behind this blurred picture: The lady was on her way to the exit , her chin up, looking at nobody. The man checked her out from head to toe, took a puff, put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. She turned around, smiled both in a cute and arrogant way and already wanted to keep on going. But he got up, took her hand, pressed his cheek on her’s and they started dancing. I mean: these guys were over 70! And at that moment I realized what I’ve been missing the most since my time in Mexico: THE GAME.


Hasta la Playa Siempre

Ironically, the best all inclusive advice I’ve ever been given came from some backpackers. They told me they were using their all-inclusive hotel as a homebase, travelling around and coming back from time to time to change their clothes, spend some days on the beach and to get lots of food. We found out (it was in Yucatán, Mexico) they have paid for their hotel and flight combo only 100 euros more than me just for the flight. This trick certainly doesn’t work in countries with long distances between the places you want to visit. But if you are staying on an island it’s always a good idea to check the package price instead of just the flight. So my parents and I did during our vacation in Cuba. We stayed 3 days at Iberostar Varadero, travelled around the island for 6 days, came backt to pick up some new stuff, left for another island trip and finally came back to take the flight home. Why I’m telling you all this? Well, this post is full of showing off pictures from these 3 first days in Varadero. So I thought with a travel trick in it, it would make a bit more sense…
DSC_0949DSC_0963P1400389DSC_0932DSC_1057DSC_1041DSC_1008P1340247P1350097P1340931P1340933P1340934P1340402P1340380P1340964OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1340425DSC_9062DSC_1235DSC_9057 - Arbeitskopie 2P1340201P1340120P1340204P1390580P1400413P1350106P1340278P1340309P1390534DSC_9077DSC_9147DSC_9111OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1340671P1340097DSC_9311DSC_9229DSC_9216P1340668P1340634P1340651



There are a lot of reasons why Dads rock this world. One of them is their patience. Don’t believe me? Ask them to take some bikini pictures and you will get the best prove. During your boyfriend will probably cut your face off (because he just wants to focuse on “really important stuff”) and your girlfriends will use the wide lens (you know why), your proud Dad will capture you in the perfect angle over in over again. The only problem: To pick the picture you want to use because you will like all of them. Like I did during our last vacation in Cuba, when my Dad had a new camera and I had a new bikini and we both had this beautiful beach in front of our bungalow. So see tons of our turqouise-on-turqouise pictures with some pelican models joining the shooting! DSC_1133kuba1DSC_9363DSC_9418DSC_1129OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC_9484DSC_9411DSC_8978P1340904DSC_9466OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1340841P1340308DSC_9455DSC_9150DSC_1138OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC_9499DSC_9515DSC_9496P1340849P1340866P1340822P1340905


Cuba: Underwater Love

It was a cloudy day in Cuba, we haven´t booked any tours and I wasn´t participating in any “Best Gringo Dancer” championship at our hotel this time. So I decided it was a perfect moment to learn how to say I Love You underwater. Why? Because you never know… You might be thinking there are much more important things you should learn to do underwater, for example the right breath holding techniques and stuff … But: if the situation is getting really serious I bet the life guard will save the girl showing them a heart first. Just my opinion… So see what came out:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing down…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe very first attempt…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAComing closer and closer…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut don´t come to close, it might confuse the person who is actually supposed to rescue you…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother thing you shouldn´t  do: look like you are alright or slightly bored… Nobody will show up then. Done! A special thanks to my Mom for helping me to realize this important security training.


Cayo Largo: the Zoo of Cuba

Cayo Largo (long island) is the second largest island of the Canarreos Archipelago after Isla de la Juventud. It is said to have the most beautiful beaches and corals reefs of Cuba. Inspite of the fact that there are 5 hotels and an airport on the island, it has no residents. All the staff goes home after 20 days of work. The only guys who are allowed to stay all the time on this 25 kilometers long island are some funny looking animals. The most people come to Cayo Largo because of it´s amazing beaches. I came because of it´s amazing “zoo”. I even have at home one of the exotic animals I´ve found on this island.P1390747We had some free days after our tour around Cuba and before our flight back home. So we decided to book a trip to Cayo Largo at our hotel in Varadero, which I guess is the easiest way to get there. You fly to the island with a small propeller-driven airplane and sometimes you are lucky enough to have it all to yourself (look at my Mom´s face). Don´t fall asleep on your way there, the view from the airplane is a beautiful sneak peek to what is expecting you.
P1390778P1390845P1390858Close to La Marina harbour, where the catamarans are waiting for the tour to get started, there is a small sea turtles farm. They help sea turtles to survive in Cayo Largo, especially during the egg deposition period (only few baby turtles are able to reach the sea). There are also some tubs where ill turtles are treated before being freed back in the sea.P1390881P1390886P1390885P1390940Cayo Iguana was the first stop on our catamaran cruise. It is a tiny island inhabited by iguanas. You can walk around and get really close to them.P1390994My Mom tried to make friends with some. And they didn´t mind as long she had something to eat…DSC_0876… but then they showed their real faceP1400013…and she had to run away from them across the whole islandDSC_0874My new best friend was much more friendly and we even had something in common: 1. We don´t see anything without glasses…P13909782. We love having lunch in a comfortable positionP1400087P1400090P1400152After having some lobster on the boat (the captain was also an excellent cook, unfortunatelly married) we switched to the aquarium department of our “zoo” island. P1400115P1400128OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1400216P1400236P1400269And then, nearly at the end of our trip I finally found him: the most exotic animal of Cayo Largo. This white labrador was a a big star on Playa Sirena and looked completely like my dog Lila. We had a lot of fun, althought he didn´t even have an idea what I mean with “sit”.P1400274P1400297P1400326P1400372P1400360P1400377