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Sun, Stay Away!

Do you know that kind of people who can sit for hours in front of the window on a bad weather day and then they say something like: “Oh, these rain drops are so beautiful!”? Well, I am all the opposite. I hate bad weather, I think there is nothing magical about it, and it gets even more depressing if it´s August, your holidays and you are in Mallorca. Why I am telling you that: my Mom and I were really excited to spend a weekend in La Residencia (first luxury finca hotel of the island) and jump into the pool where Kate Moss, Lady Diana und Bruce Willis have already jumped into. When we arrived, there were only rain drops swimming in the pool. “Thanks God, first rain period since Easter, Mallorca really needed it”, everybody told us. I understand, plants need water, but why did Mallorca have to need it NOW? So the only thing left to do was walking around Deià, eating and hoping for a better weather on the next morning. And at the end of the day I was pretty surprised how much fun and beauty (except the rain drops of course) a bad weather day like this can bring.P1700027P1700018P1700145After breakfast on the terrace of the hotel with a great view at the plate and at the village of Deià, we started exploring our new home for the next two dayseselOn the way we met some family members…P1700047P1700179…and found a letterbox in case we get drunk and want to write some love lettersP1700209P1700065P1700199We also found a nice Sangria place (don´t blame me for that, everything goes on a bad weather day) to get more inspiration for the love lettersP1700605This is my face of “Ok, let´s take a picture, but things could be better” at the most famous Deià-view (from a little bridge at the village entrance)P1700748My beautiful Mom, who thinks things are always good when we spend time together. Moms are always rightP1700677P1700803What happens if you ask the waiter to bring you some typical tapas…Well, you know there is nothing I don´t eat – so I was ok with snails cooked in the pork rindP1700682P1700403P1700406P1700445P1700437I don´t know if it was Sangria, snails or anything else but when it started to get dark I was so fascinated by the clouds and the blue/purple light, which had covered the whole finca, that I was convinced we couldn´t have picked a better day. Sun, you can stay away!P1700455P1700493P1700165P1700490P1700513P1700552P1700841Another advantage of rainy weather: you can finally enjoy your room. Test all the sofas, jump on the bed or take a looong bath before dinner. We tried Café Miró Restaurant with a beautiful terrace and a yummy Paella that night. Still with a little flame of hope we would be able to try out the Kate-Moss-Pool on the next day…P1710048P1710052P1700540P1700537P1700863


Hidden Beach in Deià

When in Deià (Mallorca) make sure that you take 15 minutes to walk down to the beach of Cala de Deià. It´s a bit hidden and mostly used by the boats for a short lunch stopover (don´t go there by car, the parking area is always full and expensive). But once you get there and see the bay from above, you will be totally convinced that it is one of the most beautiful places to jump in on the island. For more attention please use the stone in the middle of the water. For a better view please use the restaurant above the bay. Enjoy!P1710474P1710683P1700055P1710629P1710753P1710760P1710688P1710647 - Arbeitskopie 2P1710135P1710762Dont´t expect a bright sandy beach, it´s all rocks and stones. But I liked it´s “Flinstone”-charm and the fact that people were putting their towels on the boat stairs or climbing to the bar directly from the water.P1710778P1710830P1710808P1710821


Puro Beach Palma: Before a Flight Home

If you are on vacation in Mallorca and your flight back is in the evening or late afternoon Puro Beach is a great place to enjoy the sun during the last hours of your holiday. This beachclub is located only 5 kilometers from the Palma Airport and they have changing rooms, showers and a place where you can store your suitcase. The charge for a sun bed is 35 euros (from 11 a.m.), which includes a towel, water and some fruit. If you like that place so much that you decide to miss your flight: there ared DJs and party in the evening as well. So when I was in Palma with my Mom last month we took the advantage of not having any men with us (“what? 35 euros for a bed? the beach around it is for free” would probably be the comment) and spent there the whole day.P1720061P1720089P1720099P1720086P1720186P1720312P1720207P1720442P1720119P1720392P1720310P1720412P1720365P1720431P1720465P1720516P1720678P1720535P1720560P1720459P1720712P1720699P1720798P1720753P1720645P1720722P1720692P1720689P1720782Certainly you can just come to Puro Beach only for lunch or dinner. We just had some snacks: patatas bravas (4 euros), fried octopus (8 euros) und a passion fruit mojito (11 euros). There are some good connections and really cheap flights with Easyjet to Palma de Mallorca from all over Europe.