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P1080420 Kopie

La Notte Rosa

Tonight is the night when the entire Adriatic Coast turns into one huge pink party. Emilia Romagna is celebrating “La Notte Rosa” (this year from 3. till 5. of July) and everything – I mean everything – is covered in pink: streets, fountains, food, clothes, fireworks. The best party takes place in Rimini, the poshest one in the Grand Hotel Rimini where Federico Fellini once loved to stay. Check out the pictures from my last visit. This could be you next year! P1080175P1080251P1080247P1080254P1080324P1080307P1070965Even the toughest guys like Bagnino Gabriele take Notte Rosa seriously. He decorates his part of the beach in pink, puts some color into the whirlpools and even dresses up. P1070975In between he still manages to save some women’s lives.P1070977And to welcome some of his fans.P1070982Even I turned into a fan after a couple of minutes.P1070997So did Elisabetta Canalis.P1080001Give it up for Gabriele! THIS was his most famous outfit, even featured in a local newspaper. P1080129P1080053P1080054Later in the evening you start seeing more of pink in the streets of Rimini. There are over 300 parties, concerts and fashion shows, but everybody wants to be at the famous Grand Hotel Party. The funny fact about Notte Rosa is that it was founded 10 years ago because the first weekend of July was so badly booked. Now it turned into the most booked one with more than one million visitors per year.P1080332P1080367The dresscode has been… well, I don’t need to say. The decoration and the desserts – everything pink!P1080377P1080333If it was still not enough, you could put the pink glasses on.P1080426P1080420With the tallest Italian girls I’ve ever met.P1080429P1080395P1080441P1080466P1080446P1080483P1080493P1080581palazzo3After “La Notte Rosa” you do need some serious relaxing. Try the Palazzo Viviani in Montegridolfo 40 km away from Rimini (thanks to the hotel for the amazing picture above). The castle maintains several hotels, restaurants and even a swimming pool. And they gave me the master key. For one night.P1080801palazzo1P1080822P1080836P1080876palazzo2P1080819P1080842P1080849P1080858The color of pink was pursuing me even in the mountains: Look at this sunset!