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Recipe: Asparagus for Men

How would a perfect asparagus dish for men look like? Right, it´s fried. With beer.P1450781P1450777P1450779Thank you Rotisserie Weingrün (Gertraudenstraße 10-12, Berlin Mitte) for showing me this recipe.P1450789What you need: 200 grams of flour, 200 ml of beer, 30 ml of oil, egg whites from 2 eggs, salt, 600 grams of white and green asparagus.P1450798For the dough: mix flour with beer, add oil. Whisk stiff egg whites and add them slowly to the dough.P1450805Peel the white asparagus and cook it together with the green one in salted water for 6 minutes. Put cold water above and pat the asparagus dry. P1450821P1450835Dip asparagus into the dough (let the ends free) and fry it in a 175°C hot pan till the dough is yellow. P1450795For the tomato confit: put 12 cherry tomatoes into a pan covered with hot olive oil and wait till they burst open. Add one rosemary and one thyme branch, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 toe of garlic and some sea salt and let the tomatoes cook at a very low temperature for 30 minutes.  P1450844P1450855Arrange the asparagus with tomatoes, radish slices and dips on a slate plate und put some bread crumbs above (looks like earth). You can just eat it with the dips you like, but here my suggestions:

Curry lime dip (yellow cup): mix 200 grams of greek yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise with 1 tablespoon of Madras curry powder. Cut fresh coriander and half a chili in small pieces and add them to the dip. Season the dip with some salt, sugar and a bit of lime juice.

Frankfurt green sauce (green cup): Chop 2 hard boiled eggs, add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 120 grams of creme fraîche, 250 grams of greek yoghurt and some fresh mixed herbs and mix everything.  Season the dip with some salt, sugar and pepper. Done!


Favorite Monastery in Brittany

On our island hopping tour through Brittany (3 islands on 3 days) we needed to find a hotel located in the middle of these islands (Ouessant, Glénan and Ile de Sein). The ferry was always crossing very early in the morning and the wine for dinner was to good to say goodbye at midnight – so we couldn´t lose any time on driving too long. The small town Douarnenez seemed to be a perfect stopover. When we were looking for our hotel I really felt in love with this charismatic city with an amazing harbour ending in the open sea. So once you are in Brittany, please don´t miss Douarnenez! Even if you are not looking for a hotel… just to see the sun going down.P1470887P1470960P1470906P1470903P1470905Our Hotel Ty Mad (from 110 Euro per night) was located near a tiny church. It was used to be a monastery long time ago. Now it is an amazing design hotel with a swimming pool, a sauna, a gourmet restaurant and a bar. And with a window view to miss your dinner aperitif for… P1470095P1470233P1470922P1470237P1470111P1470132P1470158P1470169P1470180P1470188P1470211I was seriously considering staying at this hotel when they brought me this dessert. Caramel au beurre salé (caramel made of salted butter) is something you can´t go without trying it. But in the next morning my dessert was history and we had to go on with our tour. Ile de Sein, the last island, was waiting for us. Read in the next post why it is the perfect place to get drunk. P1470148P1470136P1470202


New in Berlin: Soya Cosplay

A Peking Duck is normally nothing I would order in a restaurant, but I guess in this one the cook really understands his job. This week I went to the opening of “Soya Cosplay” (Jägerstr. 59-60) in Mitte, a modern chinese restaurant from the guys who also run “Toca Rouge” und “Long March Canteen“. There was a lot of fried stuff to eat and an uncountable amount of pecking ducks served in some sort of taco. The interior on three floor was supposed to look like yards in chinese villages. I have no idea how yards in chinese villages look like but I definitely found my favorite couch! P1510258P1510235P1510233P1510226If I had a couch like this at home, seven pizzas would fit on it beside me!P1510273P1510275P1510264P1510334P1510325The nest on the picture above is a fried shrimp. You can order an entire pecking duck in Soya Cosplay by the way. For 128 euros. Without a flight to Peking. Cheaper things on the menu: lamb filet with Sezhuan pepper and fresh peppermint (23,70 euros); edible crab with ginger and spring onions (26,70 euros) and for dessert waterchestnut cake with red bean ice cream (8,20 euros).P1510351P1510299P1510294My favorite space remained the half-dark cellar with a really high ceiling full of lanterns. You could eat two peking ducks there and nobody would ever know.