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Alone at Robinson Club Maldives

Friends often ask me if I´m still nervous when I´m travelling or if it has already become a routine. I AM nervous every single minute and I think it is one of the most important things about travelling. And if I´m not excited enough I just go and get 3 coffees and my heart´s bumping again. Easy like that. Well this time I was extra nervous without having a single coffee. I was travelling alone for the first time. To a tiny island where everybody comes with it’s favorite company. There are also a couple of families and singles staying at the Robinson Club Maldives, but most of the guests are honeymooners. Or at least people who aim to kiss the whole day. I was not that sad about (not) kissing, it was more like: “Ok, who is gonna take the typical Inna posing pictures then?” (at least I´m honest). And you know what: I never had so many posing pictures like after staying a couple of days at THIS place!P1910683P1910667P1920389P1910672P1920416P1920148P1920414P1920364P1920404P1910660You have a choice of either staying at the water bungalow (with a glass bottom near your bed, a huge terrace and some stairs right into the water) or – if you prefer sand on your feet- a beach or a garden bungalow. I have some pictures of a beach bungalow on my last post.P1910636P1910687P1910713P1910982P1910992P1920004First day was all about exploring the island. Our island Funamadua was only 450×240 m and you could walk around it in 20 minutes. When thinking about the Maldives I always had these amazing pictures from above on my mind: just an island, some water bungalows and nothing around it. So I prefered flying around it with a parasail fixed on a boat for the first impression. It´s really a good way to take some pictures to show off. Make sure you are flying between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a clear day, otherwise the colours won´t look that bright.DSCN0427P1910776DSCN0452P1910898P1910948P1910804P1910921P1910874Another cool thing about flying over the island was the only possibility to get to see the 240 sqm presidential suite at the end of the water bungalows. Hey there, can I land in your pool?P1910700The restaurant always offered a huge international buffet but they also had a local corner with a maledivian cook explaining you what it is and how to prepare it. The Robinson island has it´s own vegetable and herbs garden, a bakery and they produce drinking water by filtering the water from the Indian Ocean (so the food container only has to come once in two weeks). This is how they manage to save 400.000 plastic bottles per year. I don´t want to sound like a teacher, but these things are important since every island of the Maldives is located only one meter about the sea level and it keeps rising every year. Once a week the crew shows you around and explains how the island “works”, in case you are interested….P1910325P1920303P1910340P1910431If you are staying at the beach bungalow, you always have a little beach just for yourself. No building on an island is allowed to be higher than the highest palm. You can find the fruits everywhere in the sand.P1920360P1910516P1920173P1920158P1920199After only a single day I felt like a biologist knowing every tree and every flower (and every hammock!!!) on this island. And always meeting some new people during my expedition.P1920436P1920441P1920049There are two perfect places to enjoy the sunset on the Robinson island. The first one you see on this picture, the second one by the end of the post.P1920056P1910492P1920077P1910258P1910525P1910609P1910600P1910531I was lucky enough to arrive at the day of the captains dinner (always on fridays), so all the stuff was dressed up as a sailing crew and the guests were asked to come in white. The funny thing about knowing so many people by the end of the day was that the party felt like hanging around with friends and nobody had to do the washing up haha.P1910554P1910559P1910587What I already learned as a kid: Always make friends with the ice cream guys (yep, this ship is made of ice cream). But I´m kinda out of training: they didn´t want to deliver it to my room…P1910623During the night you can watch little baby sharks coming really close to the island.P1910420P1920340At the second day I finally tried out the water. No comments about it, hate people always writing about how blue the ocean is. I mean it´s obvious, you can see it on the picture. But it was really warm (between 27-28 degrees), so you could stay there for hours.P1920297Why don´t I look sexy even though I´m trying? This tree was full of spikes. So I rather felt like a yogi man without a matcha tea than a relaxed beach girl. P1920162P1920203P1910348P1920219P1920232P1920264P1910473This day might look really lazy to you but I was diving and snorkling between the posing and I will show you the pictures on the next post. I got a new underwater cam for my birthday and I was very excited to finally present it to the sharks.P1910156This is the second sunset place I was talking about: the Sundowner Bar with a DJ playing some house chill out music. I´m not too romantic or something but this place was really WOOOW.P1910221P1920130P1910232P1910308P1910275Thank you, Robinson Club Maldives, for having me. Thanks to the amazing crew, there are so many stories I would love to tell but I know they gonna kill me haha (“what happens on the Robinson island, stays on the Robinson island”).

To talk about the prices: One week All Inclusive starts from 2299 euros/per person (including the flight). I was flying with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul and I can highly recommend this airline. They got voted for the best european airline for the third time last year and it´s totally true. Economy so feels like business with them.


Over the Rooftops: Riga Terrace

There ist one thing I always do when I come back to Riga, my hometown. No matter the weather I go up to Terrace Riga, a rooftop bar located on the 8th floor of the Galleria Riga Mall (10 min walk from the Old Town) and watch the sun go down over the city. Sure the are some higher places to do that. For example the Skyline Bar (26th floor) at Radisson Blue Hotel (also on the pictures). But since Riga isn´t the city with the highest buildings in the world I think the Terrace Riga is just perfect for that. I could spend there hours watching the sky getting painted in so many different colours and the lights going up. I always try to stay till it´s completely dark and they start bringing you blankets. Another good thing about this place: you will always find a table. The terrace has 4 bars, 600 seats and is the biggest in Baltic States. So, no need to make a reservation!P1680803P1680918P1680855P1680812P1680869P1680891P1680861P16809461085465_10151551895212097_1350851708_nP1680853P1680952P1680965P16809281147951_10151551891917097_84711319_nP1680978Flights to Riga: airBaltic.

P1440839 Kopie

Lights on, Trousers off in Copenhagen

To be honest: It wasn´t even my idea. We were just on our way back to the hotel after our first day in Copenhagen and stopped by at a little tourist shop. I wanted to buy some postcards for my grandma, saw them and thought: WHAT? THIS is the place we´ve just been too? Nyhavn (New Harbour) lookes completely different at  sunset. That´s what I do quite frequently: I just check the postcards of a city I´m visiting and steal some ideas. So we just turned around, had some beers at Kongens Nytorv (biggest square in downtown, second picture), waited for the sun to go down and then headed back to Nyhavn to take these “I-don´t-have-my-own-ideas-pictures” haha. P1450296P1440886P1440807P1440839 KopieP1440852On our way back (we really wanted to get back to the hotel this time) we walked by Tivoli, the oldest amusement park in the world (Mickey wasn´t even born at that time), which was unfortunatelly closed in winter. We saw a crowd of dressed up peole hurrying to the building of Circus in front of it. We just went behind them and found ourselves in a beautiful dinner show called Wallmans, which lasted for 4 hours, with 4 courses and 4 millions of laughs. The whole show was amazing and I uploaded for you my favorite part of it: the most ironical “sexy” show I´ve ever seen in my life. They put a bathtub between the tables, gave all the people around raincoats and just see below what happened after that …P1440089P1440101P1440104P1440137P1440108This one is for the girls:P1440196This one is for the guys:P1440206And the last ones for those who still don´t know ;-) P1440202P1440214