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Don´t Cook it at Home!

Foie Gras with licorice and Coke, a raw egg which tastes sweet and a green mash which disappears on your tongue – only some examples of the food they had for the Opening Cocktail of the 20th St. Moritz Gourmet Festival in Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. I´ve never tried all these things before and however the cooks made it, I guess the recipes will stay secret forever. So before it ends up with a mess and you just put some diet coke over some liver pie, just a good advice: Don´t cook it at home! P1420566Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains: pink Facade for the Opening Cocktail.P1420551They even borrowed a lobster and some forks and spoons from the cooks for the decoration.P1420560P1420542P1420555P1420587P1420548P1420617P14205949 best chefs from 7 different countries came to St. Moritz and brought altogether 20 Michelin Stars with them. Every cook was offering a special menu during the week of the Festival in one of the hotels. On the opening evening we had a unique oportunity to try the food of all of them without walking from one hotel to another.P1420734P1420703P14206502 Michelin Star cook Alvin Leung from Hong Kong served some kind of Harry-Potter-Mash (it disappeared immediately in your mouth). He looked so cool with his sunglasses, that they first didn´t want to let him into the hotel when he arrived. Maybe too cool for a Michelin chef…P1420662P1420690P1420673P1420693P1420702If you are asking me it was something with burned seeds, a pudding and a raw egg inside it but only the cook knows the truth…P1420712