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Hayman Island, my One&Only!

Unfortunately, I belong to this kind of people who never relax. I just don’t know how to do it. So if you see pictures of me relaxing, it’s probably just for a picture and only took a couple of seconds. Today I would like to share with you some of my best fake relaxation pictures in an especially beautiful setting: One&Only Hayman Island, Australasia’s most awarded luxury nature-resort located on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. After an 80 million dollar refurb it opened it’s iconic doors a year ago and it seems to be like some sort of The Great Gatsby to me. Everybody is talking about it, but nobody really got to know it (yet). I was lucky enough to spend 12 hours at the resort, 8 of which were during the night and 3 of which contained sleeping. I just had to walk around all the time taking pictures of all these beautiful corners. And I even went hiking! At the end of my short stay I decided that if one day I would learn how to relax I will definitely come back to this place and enjoy it again. And I will leave my cam at home, that’s for sure!P1180718P1180788P1180785P1180801P1180796P1180811P1190216
I stayed at a suite of the Pool Wing and I could literally jump from my room to the largest swimming pool in the Southern Hemisphere. Or just go down the stairs. The only guys watching were the cockatoos.  P1190020P1190199P1190197There are six restaurants (my favorite food will stay pool burgers anyway) and four different room/villa wings at the resort. Check out some of them:P1180905P1180912P1180917P1180963P1180952The One&Only Hayman Penthouses are located on the top floor of the One&Only Hayman Wing and are all individually designed and furnished, with a great view of the entire resort, the Coral Sea and the Whitsundays. P1180969P1180865P1190026P1190008The villas of the One&Only Beach Wing seem to be transparent, but they are still really private. You have a swimming pool on one side and the beach on the other. Tough decision haha!P1190030P1190051P1190138P1190107And these were my favorite “rooms”: Beach and pool cabañas, where you could stay during the day.P1190094P1190117P1190146P1190160Their signature restaurant Fire offers unbelievably tender Wagyu, but especially good for a picture were the starters (mine looked like a vegetable garden) and the desserts! P1190168P1190180P1190249P1190252P1190432P1190281P1190261In the very early morning on the next day I made sure to make one of these pictures I was always dreaming about: Infinity Pool and just me “relaxing”. After that I had 2 hours for hiking to the Whitsunday Lookout, breakfast and packing my suitcase.P1190275P1190310P1190303P1190410P1190402P1190392On the way to the lookout I met my one and only wallaby in Australia and could admire the resort and some of the Whitsundays from above. And I got even higher just one hour later. When they picked me up by a seaplane!!! What a short stay full of “pinch me” moments!P1190412P1190416P1190421P1190428P1190446Airport.P1190448P1190487Airstrip.P1190527P1190503View of the Hayman Island, my One&Only! P1190510How to get to Queensland: There are flights with Cathay Pacific via Hongkong to Brisbane and Cairns (from Germany the prices start at 1125 euro).


Flying over the Maldives

Some attractions start before you even get there. So was my trip to the Maldives last week. I was on the plane approaching the islands (there are 1196 of them) after a loooong flight via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines, looked out of the window and was just: Wow. Doesn´t matter what is expecting me on the next few days, this view has already been worth the whole trip. The stewardesses were not strict at all and let me switch seats during the landing all the time, so I could take some nice shots I would like to share with you. P1900751P1900772P1900796P1900815P1900837P1900827P1900860 - Arbeitskopie 2P1900860P1900887P1900892P1900869P1900897We landed near Malé. It is the capital with the biggest population per qm (75000 inhabitans on 5,8 qkm) of the world. You will recognize this island from the plane as soon as you see it because it doesn´t fit into the landscape at all. The are boats going to Malé and other near islands on the opposite side of the airport exit but I had to take another domestic flight of 1,5 hours to get to “my island”. The Robinson Club Maldives is located near the island of Kaadedhdhoo, which is 400 km far away from Malé (even Sri Lanka is closer). And for the first time of my life I was happy about an extra flight – because it meant even more air pictures for me!P1900918P1900931P1910069P1900943P1900987P1910019P1910063P1910060P1910070P1910074P1910079Another 30 min on a boat and I was finally there. In my princess beach bungalow with my princess bed and my princess bathroom – located in the garden and all open.P1910109P1910115P1910118P1910117P1910124P1910128I took some minutes to watch the sunset from “my beach” and then had a shower under the stars. Not too bad for the first day almost spent on the plane…


Amano Roof: Summer Drinks

It´s weekend, it´s pretty hot almost everywhere and I´m sure you are thirsty. A good place in Berlin to cool down is Amano Roof, a bar located on the top of Amano Hotel with a great view over Berlin. If you live somewhere else, you can still try some of their delicious virgin summer drinks at home. Scroll down for the recipes and feel free to add alcohol! It´s weekend…P1510536P1510504P1510487WATERMELON GARDEN
What you will need: 2 big watermelon slices, basil branch, half a lemon, 2 cl elderflower syrup, soda. Muddle the watermelon and mix it with minced basil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and syrup. Shake it well in a shaker. Strain the cocktail into a tall glas and add some soda.P1510515P1510561fernsehturmP1510527JERRY BERRY
What you will need: a handful raspberries and blueberries, half a lime, mint branch, 1 tsp sugar, ginger ale. Cut the lime in slices and muddle it together with berries, sugar and mint. Add ice cubes and fill up with ginger ale.


Over the Rooftops: Riga Terrace

There ist one thing I always do when I come back to Riga, my hometown. No matter the weather I go up to Terrace Riga, a rooftop bar located on the 8th floor of the Galleria Riga Mall (10 min walk from the Old Town) and watch the sun go down over the city. Sure the are some higher places to do that. For example the Skyline Bar (26th floor) at Radisson Blue Hotel (also on the pictures). But since Riga isn´t the city with the highest buildings in the world I think the Terrace Riga is just perfect for that. I could spend there hours watching the sky getting painted in so many different colours and the lights going up. I always try to stay till it´s completely dark and they start bringing you blankets. Another good thing about this place: you will always find a table. The terrace has 4 bars, 600 seats and is the biggest in Baltic States. So, no need to make a reservation!P1680803P1680918P1680855P1680812P1680869P1680891P1680861P16809461085465_10151551895212097_1350851708_nP1680853P1680952P1680965P16809281147951_10151551891917097_84711319_nP1680978Flights to Riga: airBaltic.


São Paulo: the Tropical New York of Brazil

In Brazil they use to say: you live in Rio de Janeiro and you work in São Paulo. This say only those who have never been to São Paulo. Indeed, São Paulo has the biggest economy of all Latin American cities and it´s inhabitans are always busy. But: São Paulo could also easily be a tropical New York twin. This city has it all: skyscraper, China Town, Central Park, 5th Avenue… Why not go to New York directly, you would ask. Because São Paulo has this sexy latin spirit with huge palms between the buildings, swimmingpools on the rooftops and more bikinis and flip-flops in the stores then business suits. That´s why.P1220764The 3 kilometers long Avenida Paulista is the most important street of São Paulo. Most of the banks, big companies and embassies are located here. If you turn into a side road you will get to Jardins, the poshest district of São Paulo with the best shops, restaurants and the most expensive apartment buildings. This area is much more less busy than the crazy Paulista.P1220779P1220934P1220939P1220901P1220900P1220785 A Figueira Rubaiyat is one of the most famous restaurants, with a huge 300 years old fig tree.P1220958Parque do Ibirapuera is a major urban park in São Paulo. It´s importance to São Paulo is comparable to that of the Central Park to New York City. Many exhibitions, concerts and even the Fashion Week of São Paulo takes place here. But most people come for jogging. And for flirting…P1220808P1220812There are many cute shops hidden between the the tower buildings of Jardins. P1220770P1220831From Edificio Itália you have an amazing view over São Paulo. And the highest you can get.P1220835P1220848P1220998The Liberade District is home of the largest Japanese community outside of Japan in the world, but there are also many Chinese and Koreans living here. The people of São Paulo come to Liberdade (similar to China Town in New York) because oft it´s excellent asian food and to buy things nobody knew they exist.P1230004P1230045After 5th Avenue in New York Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo counts as a second most exclusive shopping street of America. Shopping here is like going to a museum. My money was over after a pair of Havaianas and a tiny hippie-band. By the way: Brazil’s first Havaianas store (where you can design your own pair of flip flops) is located in Rua Oscar Freire. P1230055P1230058P1230063P1230052P1230075Thanks to my brazilian friends for giving me some tips what to visit in their city. Muito obrigada!