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It took me 30 years to make it to Disneyland Paris. And if you wait for things to happen for too long, they normally don’t turn out that cool. This one did! I tried not to get too excited before going and kept saying to myself “keep calm, there are just some students wearing a Mickey costume and when they are off they probably make out with Cinderella “, but as soon as I entered the Disneyland area Mickey was just Mickey for me. And guys: EVERYTHING had ears! The shampoo on my room had ears, the flowers had ears, the cookies had ears and certainly I also got some ears for myself. I don’t want to tell you a long story about Disneyland Paris (just see the pictures!), everybody has his own favorite character and attractions… But there are a couple of things that might help you to organize your visit:

1. First you have to decide where you want to go. There is a Disneyland Park (on this post) and the Walt Disney Studios Park (anterior post). I would recommend you to do only one park per day (ticket prize is currently 65 euros), you would miss out too many attractions otherwise. A fast pass is always a good idea (it makes you wait 5 to 10 minutes instead of 1 hour sometimes). But with your regular ticket you are also allowed to use the fast lane during special hours (don’t forget to ask about that!).

2. Don´t miss the Disney Magic on Parade (all the characters walk on the Main Street every afternoon) and the Show Disney Dreams (a huge lights and fireworks show on and around the Sleeping Beauty Castle every night). These two will definitely be your highlights!

3. There are some rides everybody wants to take (like Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain). Try to make them first – as soon as you get in – and walk around later.P2070632P2070636P2080266P2070616P2070637P2070919P2080159P2080155P2080166P2070374P2070908P2080269P2080272P2080258P2070643P2070379P2080169P2080184P2070654P2070388P2070656P2080277P2080207P2070674P2080202P2080196P2070664P2070742P2070346P2070730P2070775P2070791P2070783P2070797P2070827P2070834P2070830P2070839P2070865P2070862P2070882P2070877P2080061P2080121P2080312P2080093P2080072P2080117P2080308P2080322


Ratatouille Ride at Disneyland Paris

When at Disneyland Paris, make sure to discover their latest ride “Ratatouille: The Adventure” – inspired by the famous Disney/Pixar movie, where the rat Rémy is dreaming to become a star cook in a snobbish Paris restaurant. In this new 4-D-attraction (located at the Walt Disney Studios Park) your shrink to the size of Rémy and experience how it feels to be a tiny rat in a huge busy kitchen, where everything is falling down, people are about to step on you any second, the tomato smashes in your face and the cold breeze of the fridge and the heat of the oven bring you this point of confusion when you don´t really know what´s real and what´s just a special effect. Walt Disney Imagineering (the design and development department of The Walt Disney Company) have been working on this attraction for six years and it´s the most modern one they currently have. So I felt honored to be one of the first journalists who were able to ride it this summer. The event started with a boat tour through Paris – the home town of Rémy – and of course some huge macarons!P2070163P2070256P2070255P2070227P2070273P2070309I´ve never experienced Paris from a boat before and I was trying hard not to fall in love with all the kitschy things around me but passing Notre Dame by sunset and the sparkles of the Eiffel Tower in the night made me rather feel like a Disney princess than a rat. Don´t worry, it all changed on the next morning, when we first had some time to explore the Walt Disney Studios Park and then joined the Ratatouille opening ceremony.P2070401P2070578P2070574It only rains when you stand under this umbrella. I really needed a refreshment after the free fall at the Hollywood Tower Hotel (on the picture above).P2070577P2070564P2070513The new attraction is all inspired by Paris – the city the movie Ratatouille takes place in. So they have created a Mini-Paris at the Disneyland Paris, including the typical houses, roof tops, lanterns, street sceneries with painters and newspaper sellers – even the rubbish bins were the same like in Paris. And they also had a cook who prepared a ratatouille in several layers – like the one Rémy did in the movie. And guess who came along to say hi? Certainly Rémy himself with his kitchen crew!P2070500P2070499P2070457P2070509P2070512P2070462P2070519P2070503P2070468After the ride in the rat mobile (I couldn´t take pictures inside) you kept feeling tiny at the restaurant of the attraction. Bistrot Chez Rémy had champagne corks as chairs, cooking pots as lamps and huge plates separating the tables. And what do they serve? Certainly ratatouille (thanks God with a steak and a couple of fries)! P2070536P2070551P2070534P2070558P2070559That´s the message of the movie if you remember. Well, I can tell you at least one exception…P2070979P2070941Aerosmith Rollercoaster was my favorite attraction of the park (after Ratatouille of course). The reason it looks so empty: They have closed the whole park just for us during the evening party. Can you imagine yourself any happier? Nearly alone at Disneyland Paris and you can have rides over and over again with no lines! P2070992P2070933Lucky me: I could take plenty of pictures with Donald, my favorite Disney mate – we have the same size of the nose you have to know. Daisy, the fatass, was interrupting our romance a bit though…P2080021P2080007Thank you Disneyland Paris for this wonderful adventure!