Tobago Memories

People would often ask me about the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. And I would always say it depends (how boring, I know). I think the most beautiful places you visit are the ones that stay in your mind for a long time. And the ones you remeber every time life gets a bit confusing. For me it’s Tobago. Not only I met one of my best friends there, Alex, but I was also surprised how diverse the island was. So if you ever go to Tobago make sure to check out my favorite places. Maybe they will also become yours one day.P1740423P1750588Where Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked: the beach at Blue Haven Hotel. They also have a wonderful swimming pool located above the cliffs.P1750596P1750551P1740425P1740570P1740695P1740720P1740577At the Tobago Coca Estate they are supposed to show you the cacao production. But its more like walking around between papaya and lime trees and drinking rum. Much more fun anyway.P1740789P1740484P1740801Cool for cooling down after the rum walk: the Argyle waterfalls. It takes you about 20 minutes through the forest to get there. P1740915P1740844P1740955Jemma’s Sea View Kitchen ist definitely one of my favorite restaurants on earth. Some people call it Jemma’s Tree House Restaurant because it’s built on a giant tree, but most of the locals would just say Jemma’s. Make sure to try creol shrimps and the Angostura Lemonade. This famous bitters was found in Trinidad&Tobago by the way.P1750001P1740987P1750054During the boat trip to the nature preserve island Little Tobago we were passing by some beautiful almost asian looking cliffs and the white house where Ian Fleming stayed as he was writing James Bond. It doesn’t look like he had a lot of distractions there but hopefully a good bar…P1750107P1750314P1750402Nice view on Littly Tobago from the infinity pool at the Blue Water Inn Resorts, where our boat trip started from. P1750462P1750483Dinner at Café Havana: Lobster on a mango salad.P1750645P1760322P1750618Magdalena Grand Beach Resort might be the most popular hotel in Tobago. Fortunately it’s so big that the pools nevert get too crowded.P1750672P1760049Pigeon Point has the perfect beach for swimming and stand up paddling. Nice background and the waves never get too wild. Take a boat trip to Bucco Reef and have a barbecue at Nomandsland after. I did a separate post about this activity. standup2 2P1760168P1760998P1770012P1760283P1770347P1760235P1770374Pigeon Point has the most photographed jetty in the world. Now I know why. P1760354One of the my favorite things to do in Tobago was the catamaran tour around the island (departure in Mt Irvine). Drinking rum punch all day, jumping into the water with dolphins, snorkling in deep green bays… All the places looked like they were just reserved for us – we barely met someone else. P1760906P1760396P1760414P1760392P1760914P1760869P1760632P1760866P1760711P1770030Highly recommended: Kali’na Restaurant at Magdalena. Between the courses I was running out all the time to take pictures of this amazing sunset.P1760276P1770033P1770105No Tobago holiday without driving around the island. There are just too many amazing viewing points (just follow the signs on the street) and you can also stop by the farms. The owners are always proud to show you around and give you an avocado, or a papaya or a giant lemon to try.P1770196P1770145P1770171P1770272P1770242P1770225P1770252P1770280P1770298P1770064P1770437After Jemma’s the Seahorse Inn was my favorite restaurant on the island. It’s kinda date place.P1770431P1770414P1770497P1770479If you are traveling in a bigger group or with the your family Stonehaven Villas might be a nice option to stay in Tobago. The pools have a wonderful view but you have to drive down the hill to get to the beach. P1770607Lunch in Kariwak Village. They are famous for the organic products they grow themselves and they even have an own cook book. The accomodations are pretty basic though and not directly at the beach.P1770582Coco Reef won the Caribbean World Travel Awards as the best resort in the Caribbean. I loved it’s vintage spirit without being cheezy at the same time and the beach location.P1770510P1770575P1770591P1770568Thanks to Trinidad & Tobago for the wonderful trip and to my friend Alex for making it work so perfectly.

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