There are a lot of reasons why Dads rock this world. One of them is their patience. Don’t believe me? Ask them to take some bikini pictures and you will get the best prove. During your boyfriend will probably cut your face off (because he just wants to focuse on “really important stuff”) and your girlfriends will use the wide lens (you know why), your proud Dad will capture you in the perfect angle over in over again. The only problem: To pick the picture you want to use because you will like all of them. Like I did during our last vacation in Cuba, when my Dad had a new camera and I had a new bikini and we both had this beautiful beach in front of our bungalow. So see tons of our turqouise-on-turqouise pictures with some pelican models joining the shooting! DSC_1133kuba1DSC_9363DSC_9418DSC_1129OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC_9484DSC_9411DSC_8978P1340904DSC_9466OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1340841P1340308DSC_9455DSC_9150DSC_1138OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC_9499DSC_9515DSC_9496P1340849P1340866P1340822P1340905

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