Boat Trip in Riga

How often does it happen to you that you see tourists doing something in your home town and then you want to do the same thing as well? I´ve experienced a similar situation when I was visiting Riga last month. I lived there for 14 years and I go at least once a year but I´ve never ever done a boat trip. On my arriving day I saw some tourists going on a boat under the rainbows the fountains were building. I´ve always been thinking Riga was not the best city to explore by boat and I was surprised to see how many canals and secret water pathes it has and to get a completely different perspective on my home town. The tour costs 10 Ls (ca. 13 euro) but I got it for the half by buying an ice cream for the captain.P1670228P1670276P1670290First you pass the beautiful Opera House (the ballet shows there are great!)P1670246Then you are going through tiny canals and rainbowsP1670265P1670250P1670361P1670347P1670371After some minutes you arrive at the Daugava River and pass by the former zeppelin hangars which now are the Central Market pavilions (there is one for meat, one for fish and one for milk products)P1670380P1670391From the river you can see the TV Tower (red building) and the Old Town with it´s St. Peter’s Church (on the right) and Riga Dome Cathedral (on the left)P1670424P1670401P1670395P1670443This doesn´t look really inviting from outside but there are two really cool new bars in the harbour called Aqua Luna and Koya (more about them in one of the next posts) – definitely a great alternative to all the Old Town places. Another thing I´ve learned: Riga has a small yacht harbour (the picture below). If you are sitting in one of the two bars in the evening you can watch the boats coming back to their landing placesP1670456P1670460Some bridges in Riga are really tiny and full of…P1670493…locks. This is one of the tourist things I would NEVER do in Riga! I actually was thinking about coming around in the night and putting a third name on all of them. I´m a real love lock Grinch!P1670515

2 Responses to “Boat Trip in Riga”

  1. Simone says:

    Solch tolle Fotos. Am besten gefallen mir die von der Brücke. Die Drahtseile wirken darauf so unecht irgendwie. Ich finde das sehr interessant.

  2. wolfgang says:

    eine solche Tour kann man per Kajak bei Nacht machen – super !

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